Sunday, November 6, 2016

What's Being Heard on Third Ward Grapevine?

Wild Grapevine

I don't live in the Third Ward, so I don't get campaign literature for the City Council race in that ward. I'm curious to know what kind of messages the candidates are giving voters this time around. The candidates did take part in a forum, but in the last days of a campaign the strongest pitches tend to emerge. So what are you hearing from Democrat Charles McRae and Independent Sharon Robinson-Briggs? 


  1. Charles and I have been going door-to-door with our message of positive progress to keep our city moving forward. Our congresswoman,Bonnie Watson Coleman, was in town yesterday to lend a hand, and Linda Carter and the freeholders will be back with us today for our continuation of door-to-door canvassing. Thus far, we have been getting very positive feedback from residents. Charles will be a visible and attentive 3rd Ward councilman, showing up and working hard for his constituents.


  2. Charles will be doing just what Mapp tells him to, just like Rebecca.

  3. Let’s hope that’s the case because Mapp’s agenda has finally moved this City forward: our financial house is back in order, crime is down significantly, the schools and the city are actually starting to work together for the betterment of our children, the streets are getting paved and we actually have REAL economic development which will help ease the burden on the taxpayers.

    On a personal note, I sit across the table from Charles McRae on the Zoning Board of Adjustment – no one tells Charles what to do. He is an independent thinker that always has the best interest of Plainfield at the forefront.

    And if you think Rebecca gets told what to do, well you’re living on another planet.

    1. Jim, you're oh sooo right about both of them!!

  4. I worked on the CBAC both times when Charles was chair, and found him to be thoughtful and concerned about how taxpayers monies were being spent. He questioned the administration, listened to the administration and other CBAC members, and focused on making sure the citizens of Plainfield got the best services they could from the city. I believe that he will continue his thoughtful probing, and caring for what is best for Plainfield when he is on the council.

    Now, when you say that Rebecca will do what Mapp tells her do, who exactly are you talking about? Because if you have been to any council meeting, you most certainly cannot be talking about Councilwoman Rebecca Williams.