Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Sign of Spring

Yellow forsythia, pink cherry blossoms, white pear trees in bloom - all are beloved signs of spring. But what caught my eye in recent walks around the city were the little mounds of mud on top of the soil - worm castings.

It is probably the mark of a true nature nut to be excited by these signs that earthworms are once again active. After all, castings are what passes through the worm's system. But believe it or not, these excretions are quite valuable to gardeners. On Amazon, there are 76 results when you key in "worm castings." You can buy them by the bag to use as soil amendments, a term that generally only comes up in the vocabulary of dedicated gardeners.

Soil Secret, Inc. tells all about the great worth of worm castings.Whether you just have some patio pots or a full-sized garden, worm castings may just make the difference in your results.

So admire the spring trees, listen to the birdsong, but don't forget to look down and take note of that humble yet significant sign of spring, worm castings.

P.S. Take a look at the Duke Farms Community Garden Handbook if you want to become a gardener or just a better one!


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