Thursday, May 19, 2016

District Addressing Leaks, Rodents at Evergreen School

An Evergreen School teacher who spoke in February about conditions at the school said Tuesday she is glad to hear it will get a new roof and a pest control program.

Amy Brown said the Plainfield Education Association has formed a new committee on health and safety. Findings at Evergreen included three rooms with high carbon dioxide levels, water damage and rodent infestation. She requested that ceiling tiles be replaced.

Board President Emily Morgan assured Brown that safety measures will be taken.

Schools Superintendent Anna Belin-Pyles said, "It should be noted that the administration has been working closely with Evergreen."

She said bathroom tiles were being replaced and she had been working with the Health & Safety committee.

The meeting was just the third with three new board members - Carmencita Pile, Dorien Hurtt and Lynn Anderson - who were elected on April 19. They were sworn in at a May 3 organization meeting, held a work-and-study meeting on May 10 and the business meeting Tuesday.

Morgan only won a board seat in the Nov. 3 general election. On Nov. 10, a board majority approved a walk-on item to move elections back to April. Morgan was just sworn in on Jan. 5 and was chosen to serve as president on May 3. (See the board here.)

She said Tuesday, "We have experienced a major backlog of things that need to be discussed."

One item is where to hold meetings. Pile and others have deplored having the board sitting up on the lighted Plainfield High School stage while attendees sit in the dark auditorium. Morgan mentioned Tuesday some new possibilities, such as meeting at schools in each ward, at board headquarters on Myrtle Avenue or in the high school cafeteria or media center. She said decisions on meeting locations were "on the to-do list for June."

"We want to meet the constituents where they are, so we can serve them properly," she said.



  1. Schools Superintendent Anna Belin-Pyles said, "It should be noted that the administration has been working closely with Evergreen."

    Obviously not closely enough. What is going on at our schools? The kids have no books, the school has rats - what were Wilma and those who supported her doing on this board? This school has over $170 million in budget, and the population has gone down. What is being done with our money? I would appreciate some answers because I find it difficult to believe that the board under Wilma would be this inept and uncaring about the children.

    And the superintendent - what exactly does she do? Does she have the ability to lead?

    1. Sadly it is true that Team Wilma was more concerned with maintaining control and wasn't interested in addressing serious educational or facilities issues within the system. Personally, a lack of supplies/books is reason for a special meeting and not something that deserves one of the standard "we are concerned and are addressing the issue". As for the facilities, the BOE should bring in the facilities management and ask them what they are doing. They aren't expected to do full remodels but rodents and unhealthy conditions should be addressed immediately.

  2. Pension,benefits and top heavy administration

  3. Follow the money. It always leads to answers