Thursday, October 27, 2016

Enough Already

I tried to post a straight story on the candidates' forum with maybe a commentary to follow later. Then two things happened. I got to a part of my notes where a loaded question was posed to former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs. There was not enough context for the reader or maybe even last night's audience to know what it was all about. Apparently it had to do with a controversial CNN interview from 2011. The mayor's opponent for the Third Ward seat, Charles McRae, alluded to the news tape and stressed the need for positive exposure of Plainfield in the media. I couldn't find the right words for this situation. Maybe Dan will write about it in a comprehensible way..

The other thing was that I had posted pictures on the netbook and then was using the laptop to write the report itself. The laptop lacks memory for photo downloads but I can call up the pictures and text through Blogger. It's a mess and a pain in the keister to work this way. So then one of the photos disappears off the story in the laptop. Back to the netbook to bring up the photo and insert it again. Oy. It's 3:30 a.m. and I quit.


  1. Hi Bernice, I think it refers to the Poppy Harlow interview. Attached is the link to your blog that covered the interview.

    Also, I recently sent a message to Poppy telling her that we have a new Mayor in town, and perhaps she would like to come back and see how this town has progressed. I received no answer.

    1. FYI - That is Dan's blog. My blog is

  2. Sorry for the mistake. I actually know better.