Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Since December 9, 2014, our household has been subject to disruption of one kind or another.

First it was caused by a squirrel invading the 9-by-30-foot enclosed porch that is more than one-third of our small apartment. I wrote a jokey post about it a couple weeks later, never thinking it would take eight months to get rid of the squirrel. By April 2015, I was too distracted to work on the blog.

After many promises for action, the management company solved the problem in mid- August. We had a month of relative normalcy before the company began a program of repairs in order to sell the building.

Underground tank removal obliterated one of my garden spots in spring. On April 20, a landscaper inexplicably cut all vegetation down to the dirt on two other garden sections, wiping out numerous flower seedlings in the process.

The sale went through in June and then began the process of getting to know the new people in charge. Things mostly looked good until I went outside Monday and found out all the basement storage bins were being emptied. If I had not just stepped outside to water some plants, all our winter clothes, books, photos, mementos, tools, laundry supplies and more would have just disappeared.
 A manager claimed tenants were given notice, but we never got any. As a retiree, I was home all day when the notice was supposedly given last week, but neither I nor other tenants received any warning that our bins were about to be emptied. The locks were cut off and everything had to go, the manager said.
One box that we saved had a bunch of turtles inside. My best turtles, including the turquoise Flo and fire opal Eddie, are in my room at my daughter's home in West Seattle. 

All this stuff has left me anxious and depressed a lot of the time. I still have residual health problems from my June 2014 surgery in addition. There are other annoyances that I won't go into. So blogging has gotten spotty and may get even spottier this winter. If anyone wants to take up hyperlocal blogging about municipal government and development in Plainfield, I will gladly pass the baton.



  1. That's horrible! When my latest landlord took over, I felt my life disrupted with them installing all new windows and such. But, in the long run, those were needed and improvements to the building. They didn't discard personal property or anything like that.

  2. Bernice nooooooo you can't go.

  3. Dear Bernice. This is awful and we are so sad for you. We live in bizarre times on so many levels and it is amazing what people including the management company can get away with. As I have said you are an amazing blogger and we need you now more than ever. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Peter and Libby.

  4. Everybody has their limits, and taking care of yourself must come first. Of course we all love your blog- even when, at times, we disagree. But your health is much more important than local politics. Be well.