Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missed Veterans' Day Ceremony

Mau claims the drop cloth
I missed the Veterans' Day ceremony this morning because I was waiting for workers who were supposed to arrive at 9:30 a.m. to repair ceilings in my apartment. We had moved everything around for access and had drop cloths over everything.

The workers did not actually get here until almost noon. They never came to our apartment today.

Mau was very puzzled to find all his stuff moved around. He sniffed everything and meowed the cat equivalent of WTF all day. As evening came without any workers showing up, I took one drop cloth off the computer desk. Mau explored this new item thoroughly and somehow made a cozy nest for himself.

He was spared today, but will probably spend some time under the bed freaking out whenever these workers show up.

As some readers know, we lost the use of about one-third of this very small apartment after a squirrel invasion that began in December. The situation was not fully resolved until mid-August. We had a month of peace until mid-September, when workers began scraping and painting the exterior. That work is now complete except for removal of debris around the building.
Now workers have begun interior repairs involving this building and two adjacent ones. More disruption. I hope it will not affect my ability to attend meetings, but that remains to be seen. We do not like to leave workers unattended in the apartment.


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  1. Don't blame you! Always better safe than sorry. I had squirrel's eat through all the screens in my sunporch, chipmunk tunneled through the side of the garage 3x, bats of different sizes have invaded my bedroom as well as a fox in the backyard looking at me looking at her! It's been a year for invasions and the costs in time and money related, but frankly I would rather have them around than not, but would be happier if they stayed outside!
    Good luck be safe!