Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nine Four-Way Stops Proposed

Heeding concerns of residents about speeding and other infractions, the administration is proposing four-way stops at nine intersections.

Though a longtime concern, speeding and disregard for stop signs came into sharp focus last month when a girl, 10, died due to a collision at Arlington Avenue and West Ninth Street. She was ejected from a van that was struck by a driver who went through a stop sign. Seven other children were injured.

Resident Maria Pellum said at last month's First Ward Town Hall Meeting she had asked for four-way stops at dangerous intersections, only to be told no one had died there.

"Well, today someone died," she said at the Oct. 26 meeting.

At Monday's combined agenda-fixing and regular meeting, the City Council will consider on first reading an ordinance establishing four-way stops at the following intersections:

 Belvidere Avenue and Ravine Road
Grant Avenue and Sherman Avenue
Watchung Avenue and Kensington Avenue
West Third Street and Monroe Avenue
West Fourth Street and Monroe Avenue
West Eighth Street and Field Avenue
West Eighth Street and Hobert Avenue
West Eighth Street and Spooner Avenue
West Ninth Street and Arlington Avenue 

All the intersections are heavily traveled and may have stop signs, but the four-way stops are expected to force drivers at all sides to slow down.

The cost will be between $500 and $1,000 for material and labor through the Public Works Division.

The combined City Council meeting is 7 p.m. in Municipal Court, 325 Watchung Ave.



  1. and the speedway that is West 8th between Central and Park Avenue lives on...congrats to the other streets though, glad for them at least.

  2. At the West Ninth, Arlington Ave., Kenyon intersection the stop signs already in place are partly obscured by large trees. The entire stretch from Eighth Street to Stelle Avenue is in need of speed bumps even if 4-way stops are erected at Ninth.

  3. I'm glad to see they are instituting these four-way stops. I suggested them to Sharon and members of the City Council nearly six years ago for several of the places on this list. Its late in coming, but at least its here and someone was listening to concerned citizens.

  4. There are numerous intersections that need new REFLECTIVE posts and signs, painted stop bars and yellow curb for the 50 foot No Parking zone, but this will cost not just tens of dollars but thousands of dollar even with all city DPW staff man hours. Everyone knows that a much better use of that money though is the overnight stays at the Casino Hotel's in Atlantic City during the League of Municipalities.

    1. agreed.... add the fact that most of Central Avenue has no crosswalks, no crossing signals and you can add a large number of intersections to the "no one has died...........YET" list

    2. Central Avenue and Madison at Randolph Road not only need 4 way stops they need crossing guards (but that's another issue). Children that walk home from Cedarbrook School are crossing at their own peril.

  5. On these stop signs should be red blinking lights like they have in Elizabeth at the intersection of Jefferson and Dickinson Street. You see it when you go for jury duty at the county parking garage. Then there will be no excuse for running a stop sign.

  6. ...belvidere and east seventh ... This intersection should have been and should be on this list. This crosswalk leading to the train station has been the site of many an accident. Drivers don't even follow NEW JERSEY STATUTE 39:4-36... All drivers within their mode of transportation must stop for pedestrians -- very few do so.
    I will again, as I have done various time, write to another individual at the Plainfield gov't. Also, I didn't mention, I too have almost been run over-- early in the six o'clock am hour...imagine one of Plainfield's finest parked there, giving out tickets and in the process, extra revenue for the town coffers.