Friday, November 13, 2015

A Word for Family Dollar

My favorite cup, from Family Dollar

When the CVS moved out of the plaza at Park & Seventh, I was so annoyed that it took about a year before I set foot in the Family Dollar that replaced it. Some of the local "dollar stores" were stocked with such cheap gew-gaws and gimcracks that they had given any store with "dollar" in the name a stigma.

Eventually I went in and was surprised to see some of my favorite household products at lower prices than I was paying at the supermarket. They also had curtain rods, notebooks, potholders, kitchenware and other things that the old five-and-ten stores used to have, except now they are a dollar or so.

Downtown dollar stores of the cheaper ilk have failed, but Family Dollar now has three sites in Plainfield and with many brand-name goods, they are are good for quick shopping or some inexpensive "retail therapy." Call them variety stores if "dollar store" still sounds like an insult.

The Family Dollar website has a history of the business as well as information on its social and sustainability policies. I'm told the new store on South Avenue hired several Plainfielders. Keep it in mind when you don't want to trek to the mall.



  1. They were a client for a former company that I worked for... they hold their vendors to a higher supply chain sustainability and social responsibility as well. I stopped in the one on South Avenue and dropped some cash last night after working a very long day and not wanting to go out onto Route 22 or into South Plainfield. I too was impressed with the new location.

  2. Family Dollar is the 2015 Woolworth's. My complaint about the one downtown is that when I went, the entrance way was dirty, and the store had items thrown about. My last visit was awhile ago, so this may have changed.

    I agree with you, it is a great store with lots of good value. And how great that Plainfielders have jobs there.

  3. The Family Dollar on 7th Street is pretty good, but the one on Front Street isn't as clean or desirable. I like Family Dollar and they have saved me trips to Rt. 22. I'm glad they are here.