Friday, August 28, 2015

Mystery Blooms Emerge

Some mystery plants in one of my flower patches finally bloomed and I found out what they were. I thought they might be a bushy form of Morning Glory, but a check online revealed them to be Four O'Clocks. The flowers are very pretty, but the wait was long. I never planted them before and if I do again, at least I will now know it will take a few months before they bloom.
Here's a white one. There are also some yellow ones about to bloom.

The succession of blooming is something gardeners have to learn, from the Spring ephemerals through early Summer perennnials and then a lot of members of the Composite family, including Sunflowers and Black-Eyed Susans bringing up the rear in late Summer and Fall. Now I know where to expect these ones.



  1. They are one of my favorites. They have a deep tap root and are tough to get rid of. You will like these. They make black bead like seeds that are easy to collect for next year. They self seed too if you miss them.

  2. Thanks! I collect seeds every year and will look for these.