Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Council Seeks Retreat

Plans for a City Council/administration retreat remain open-ended after a discussion Monday on the parameters.

Council President Cory Storch spelled it out as a "one-day retreat to come to agreement on three to five high-priority goals for 2016," but council members differed on who should be included and how the retreat should be conducted.

Storch stated a need for focus and saw the participants as the council, mayor and cabinet members. He said the location would probably be out of Plainfield.

Councilwoman Gloria Taylor said the retreat should yield "more than just agreements" and cited administrative and legislative priorities as goals. She wanted a planning committee ahead of time and also wants public input, such as from block associations and faith-based organizations.

Councilwoman Bridget Rivers, who advocated a retreat when she was council president, said the retreat would come under the Open Public Meetings Act and would have to be publicized. Members differed on whether the public could comment or only observe.

Storch said the retreat should have a facilitator and suggested Reagan Burkholder as an example. (Burkholder is principal of Summit Collaborative Advisors LLC and has held various municipal administrative positions.)

While the plans got a foothold, nothing was settled Monday. Council watchers will be looking for a resolution that states the location, date and cost.


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  1. So typical of Plainfield politics. They can't even agree to sit down and talk. And these are the people who run the city. Anyone surprised?