Friday, December 9, 2016


My snapshot of the city Christmas tree, flanked by a menorah and a kinara, came out a little blurry, but that's how things are lately. Celebrate what you can, as best you can, in this holiday season.


  1. YOU are blurry but that is how you libtard jurnos are lately.

  2. Replies
    1. The Kwanzaa candle holder is called the kinara

  3. I'd like to see Anon at 1:04am try to keep a blog going as factual and long-lived as this one. You can disagree with politics and such with respect for others. Sheesh. Happy holidays, Bernice! Many respect what you do here!

  4. You are greatly appreciated, Bernice. What folks need to keep in mind is that although your blog does a lot of reportage, you are under no obligation to write what anyone but you wants to read. I focus on politics and sometimes other stuff, as my blog is about what interests me and, as such, contains my perspective. The critics would do well to try to write and sustain a blog, instead of just criticizing your 1st amendment rights. As a new political season and council year get set to begin, I am wondering who else will step forward to write. We shall see.