Wednesday, December 7, 2016

From Russia With Love??

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
Blogger image

Yikes! How did I get a huge readership in Russia all of a sudden? That'll teach me to take a break. It sort of looks like a crocodile and as the song goes, "Never smile at a crocodile."


  1. Very interesting. Another local blog is experiencing the same Russian readership. The question is WHY?

  2. In addition to high traffic from Russia, I have experienced multiple hacking incidents on both of the sites where I post information about the Muhlenberg closure. Documents have been blacked out and then someone else restored them. The ability to monitor stats has been interfered with on both sites but total reads from Russia are as high as 200 a day when I don't even have 200 documents. I thought it was aimed at Christie when he was a viable candidate for President. I contacted the State cyber crimes office but they were only interested in businesses who sustain a loss in revenue.I had considered removing the data because lawyers were using it to get taxes paid by hospitals in other communities with no benefit to Plainfield. After the hacks, I decided to just watch what specific information was being targeted.