Monday, September 26, 2011

Black Vultures Visit Block 832

Over the weekend a neighbor and I saw three Black Vultures in the middle of our block, where the lots from East Seventh Street and Crescent Avenue meet.

One was perched on the roof of a nearby apartment building. As we watched it spread its huge wings and sailed through a small wooded area to the chimney of a former mansion on Crescent Avenue. Two others glided out of trees to join it.

I had just stepped out of the house without my camera, but took note of their sooty feathers and silver wing tips to verify their identification. Some sight in the middle of the Queen City!



  1. Sometimes I forget i live in Plainfield (all jokes aside).
    I have managed to see:
    -The pair of turkey vultures that sit on my neighbor's roof every day.
    -A herd of deer walking near Leland and Watchung.
    - 4 or 5 wild turkeys near the old farm.
    -A buck standing in the front yard of one of the properties on Woodland Avenue...a buck with a very large rack I might add...
    -A fox crossing woodland avenue
    -A Hawk eating roadkill with a turkey vulture and crow waiting in line to eat next....
    I could go on and on.

  2. How I wish the Vultures and Hawks would discover the 100's of squirrels in my backyard.

  3. Rob -- I bet that's why we have the hawks & vultures here -- all the food available. Nature always tries to fill the vacuum.

  4. The vultures were regulars around E. 9th (and Park) last year, we think they are the ones that kept the feral cat population in check, not so this year as neither the vultures nor the hawk have been around this summer. Maybe the woodchuck chased them away? But as 9:42 said, sometimes it is surprising to see animals at some of the places we see them around here. My children and I find this aspect of Plainfield really cool. Thanks for sharing!

    Maria Pellum

  5. Vultures eat carrion, they do not kill squirrels or feral cats. They do not hunt.