Sunday, September 25, 2011

Photo Roundup

I took a lot of photos in the past few weeks and for various reasons I got behind in posting images. So here is a roundup of some for your entertainment.
Have you misplaced your tiara? This one turned up in the junk under the handicapped ramp at the main post office.

A stilt walker was one of the strolling entertainers at the PMUA's Environmental Fair. Now there's someone you can look up to.

This three-wheeler Can Am is not for the very young and maybe not for the very old. I was quite taken by the idea of riding a three-wheeler around the city, but to get a license, you have to pass a test on a motorcycle first. Oh well, back to shoe leather for me.

PMUA double-teams the trash! "You take the litter on the left, I'll take what's on the right."

A would-be lumberjack (or actual vandal) cut this Park Avenue tree all the way around.

And then signed his handiwork. Mike, u r a jrk.

This guy heard that Rebecca likes praying mantis pictures. He wanted to give her a shout-out.

This folding chair was brought inside for extra seating one day, but Mau claimed it as his own with the application of copious claw marks and cat hair. It's ideal for just hangin' out, he says.

That's it for now. Thanks for taking a look.


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  1. Thanks, Bernice--just added it to my collection!