Friday, September 30, 2011

Thunbergia in 2012!

No, there is not a political candidate named Thunbergia, just a floral one that wants to run all over a trellis or fence in your 2012 garden.

Once the extreme heat went away this summer, the Thunbergia or Black-Eyed Susan Vine flourished in our yard on a mid-sized trellis anchored to a shepherd's crook. It mingled with a crimson-flowered Cypress Vine for a very pretty effect that my neighbor and I are plotting to replicate and expand next summer, perhaps with the addition of some Heavenly Blue Morning Glories.

Cold weather always seems less harsh when one can daydream about summer flowers. After the winter holidays, keep an eye out for Thunbergia in those seed catalogs that may come your way. Its simple flowers have a fairy-tale quality that is most appealing.


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  1. Bernice,
    I have not a single gardening gene in my body, but I do so enjoy your photos and comments. It adds beauty to my day. Thanks.