Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PMUA To Bring Back Former CFO

Duane Young, one of only two chief financial officers to serve the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority since its inception in 1995, will return on Nov. 1 for a one-year term with an option to renew his contract.

Young, who also served as interim executive director for a time, will receive $135,000 for the year. Commissioners Carol Ann Brokaw said Tuesday she was voting "yes" to support Executive Director Daniel Mejias' position. Commissioner Henry Robinson and Chairman Charles Tyndale also voted "yes." Commissioner Michelle Graham-Lyons voted "no" and Commissioner Jacinth Clayton-Hunt abstained.

Young left the PMUA last spring when the board announced a search for a new executive director and CFO. The board hired Interim Director Bryan Christiansen while the search was conducted. One new hire backed out. Daniel Mejias was hired as executive director in July and has since made several changes to the staffing. Christiansen stayed on to complete some projects, but Thursday will be his last day with the PMUA. He said staff could still call him "whenever they want."



  1. Remember Mayor Mapp these are his commissioner's he's done hey new dems still happy ?

  2. You bet. Not happy with the council who are still under Jerry's thumb.

  3. Wow Ms. Paglia you have to be kidding me.

  4. I just have to say - this revolver door of players is just getting ridiculous. There isn't anyone else out there with new blood and ideas that they can hire? They either don't look very hard or this is part of a deal with someone.

    1. Helloo - the interim director was new, the director is new and there are some new managers of various operations. And many commissioners are new. Mr. Young came to a recent meeting and reminded them of certain fiscal responsibilities - maybe they realized they need his expertise and knowledge of the PMUA.

  5. This is more and more like a repertory theatre -- different play, same players!

  6. There are about 80 people on the staff another 70 in the field. After 20 years in business that there is no one there who is aware of the organizations financial obligations is a sad commentary. Please Duane, train someone during your new tenure, so that if you are dismissed again this will not recur. On the other hand if you don't train anyone you are indispensable. Your call.

  7. Maybe all the experience, creditials, and history that Mr. Young brings to the table adds value to the PMUA. I think the Board made a good decision by adding stability to compliment the changes that they made. After all, he is a CPA

  8. I am by no means making a comment about Duane Young, simply the mentality of the operation of this city and it's agencies.
    This is the only city in NJ that can't seem to "FIND" anyone to take high 5 or 6 figure jobs...stunning...simply stunning.
    Going forward, how about all key positions in the operation of the city pay $200,000. We should be able to recruit INCREDIBLE talent at the price and the savings we get from people who are competent will make up the salary differences for paying more.
    I mean it's like a group of people sit around a table in this city, agree they need to fill a position that has become available, wait 5 minutes, look at each other and say, " Ok, haven't had any applications, we better call XYZ. I'm sure they'd be interested in coming back."