Friday, October 23, 2015

PMUA Updates

Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority Director Daniel Mejias announced several changes at the October meeting, including relocation of the Customer Service department to the authority's headquarters at 127 Roosevelt Avenue.

The authority has provided solid waste and sewer services to Plainfield since 1995. Mejias became director in July. At the October 13 meeting, he said customers were coming to the Roosevelt Avenue headquarters to pay bills, but previously had to go to the Rock Avenue transfer station for customer service. The services will now be consolidated at the Roosevelt Avenue headquarters.

In other reorganization moves, the Public Information office will be moved to the PMUA's Front Street location to pair up with Sales, Mejias said. Safety and Risk operations will also be moved from Rock Avenue to Front Street. The Front Street location, on the same block as Dunkin Donuts, also houses Security and Human Resources.

Mejias said the Safety & Risk Loss manager had resigned, but rather than have a full-time replacement he wanted to bring in a part-time consulting firm. An administrative assistant was being promoted to risk loss coordinator, he said.

(A comparison of recent management lists also show a vacancy in Health & Wellness. There is a new manager of Fleet Operations/Container Management and also a new Transfer Station manager.)

As previously reported, former Chief Financial Officer Duane Young is back. The authority is also seeking a labor counsel.

The PMUA's next regular meeting is 6 p.m. on Nov. 19 at 127 Roosevelt Ave. A rate hearing will be conducted in December. See the PMUA website for more information.


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