Saturday, August 6, 2016

Good Riddance to July

 I for one am glad July 2016 is over with. According to the Office of the State Climatologist, it was the ninth warmest on record. It was also the 14th wettest since 1895. Toward the end of the month, eight days in a row registered temperatures over 90 degrees, which I found very debilitating.
Over the years, weather cycles become apparent and I have come to regard July in New Jersey as my least favorite month. 
Gardeners know that the parching heat takes a toll on flowers, but now we are entering a phase where cooler nights and Autumn rain give gardens a new lease on life. In recent years the first hard frost has not come until Thanksgiving or later.
May we all enjoy the beauty of nature, even if the behavior of humans in this election season is increasingly bizarre and inexplicable.The Wheel of the Year rolls on, no matter what else is happening.



  1. Hi Bernice,

    Not Me. This is my time of year - the hotter the better. I could do without humidity. I know I'm gong to miss the warm temps and green grass and beautiful flowers when I'm shoveling the blanketedly blank snow in February. Someone once asked me when I get ready for Spring. I responded September 22nd.

    Enjoy Summer.

    Tom Kaercher