Monday, August 15, 2016

Too Darn Hot

I grew up in the 1940s, without air conditioning, I have never liked it, either in the car or in a building. When I was a reporter, the newsroom was kept at 60 degrees, which made me dislike air conditioning even more. Nowadays, a meeting that runs  several hours in an air-conditioned building leaves me thoroughly chilled.

Even if I wanted air conditioning for my small apartment, it would be tricky to set up. Originally a one-family mansion, the building was converted to six apartments and mine is the smallest. Only one window would be suitable for an air conditioner and the relevant electrical outlet is already dedicated to other uses.

For the past 24 years, we have managed just fine with fans, but this summer is just too much. July was bad and now we are having heat index numbers of 105 and 110 degrees in August.

Obviously I am about a quarter-century older than when I moved into this building and the heat really got to me this past week. Hence no blog post Saturday. If this heat keeps up, I may not be posting every day until the weather moderates. Please heed the advisories and take care of yourself while the heat lingers on.



  1. You take care, Bernice. If you have a laptop the library might be a good alternative. I'm still working and am able to stay cool, but not everyone has that option. We need to keep a look out for our neighbors and help where we can.

  2. Portable AC unit... or move those items using that plug.. They're expensive upfront, but long term an excellent investment. Long extension cords / with strips meant for large appliances can help you move relevant items around.