Wednesday, August 10, 2016

PSE&G Upgrade Complete

A handsome brick wall and ranks of Arbor Vitae are now in place on the east side of the PSE&G station on West Second Street, marking completion of an upgrade mandated by the power grid operator PJM. The station abuts the PNC Bank parking lot where developer Frank Cretella has proposed a five-story building with retail space at ground level and 148 apartments above.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment insisted on this good-looking type of fence over what PSE&G proposed, a style that Chairman D. Scott Belin described as cage-like.
The blue pipes add an aesthetic touch to the installation, which is expected to handle an anticipated 12 percent increase in demand for electricity over the next decade.
Us older folks know this logo well.
This city-owned lot was crammed with temporary electrical equipment to handle the load through the changeover. (See post here.) While the work was being done, the entire block including Municipal Lot 9 was targeted for an "in need of redevelopment" study. Now that the PSE&G upgrade is complete, the city can take further steps toward redevelopment.


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