Friday, September 9, 2016

Mantises Getting Ready For Next Generation

It's getting to be time for the Praying Mantises to mate. The female will then create an egg case for next year and this year's group will die as the weather turns cold. Click on images to enlarge.
Here are two males. They are smaller than the females and very slender. 
I was trying for a back-lit shot of this Cosmos when I noticed some skinny legs.
Seen from the other side - Another male Mantis, not too well disguised.
Here's the female, just hanging out in the Butterfly Bush. Click to enlarge and see those long antennae.

Mantis vs. big bumble bee. Those front legs grab and hold prey very well.

It was encouraging to see all this activity. It means we are likely to have another generation of mantises on Block 832 next spring.


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  1. Yeah! Praying mantises! I always love these pics!