Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Shut-In Council, Fire Division Honored

The City Council honored an organization Monday that brings cheer to 250 homebound residents. About 20 members of the Plainfield Shut-In Council were on hand to accept a resolution for the decades-old group that brings potted plants and holiday gifts to residents who can't leave home.

Council President Cory Storch read the resolution into the record and Mrs. Anna Booker told the history of the organization.
Councilwoman Diane Toliver presented members of the Plainfield Fire Division with a resolution honoring them for their dedication to the community.

"They need to be recognized." said Toliver, who recounted the Fire Division's response to two fires at her home.
Fire Chief Frank Tidwell spoke about the Fire Division's assistance to a boy with Down Syndrome who aspired to be a firefighter. He took part proudly in a cadet program and attended an event in Garwood with all the firefighters in Union County. Through the efforts of Freeholder Linda Carter, Cadet Mason Alexander Jones also got to tour the Fire Academy.

(More council news tomorrow.)


  1. To 11:05 a.m. - Your comments may be true but it would be libelous of me to post them without official verification. It appears likely that the individual is due for comeuppance if these allegations are correct.

  2. Appreciating your point, here is the article I referenced. I will resubmit an edited version of my comment well, though I understand it's at your discretion whether to post. http://www.mycentraljersey.com/story/news/2014/04/16/plainfield-fire-officials-call-on-chief-to-resign/7789607/

  3. What is the Cadet program? I have no knowledge of one, what are the requirements and insurance waivers necessary to enroll inprogram? Do all cadets ride and respond to alarms? Can someone tell me where I can get more information on this.

  4. Going back to the 1950's when I was a child, my Grandmother had taken in a woman who had no real family to take care of her. This was before we really had nursing homes to speak of. I can remember every Christmas the Shut-In Council would bring her a fruit basket and a poinsetta, Easter it would be a fruit basket and a hyacinth. The joy something so simple gave her was priceless. She lived in our house into the '70's when she passed. I am so happy to see a group that has been bringing joy to so many people though the years has finally been given recognition for the selfless work that they doo.. God bless them all.

  5. To the person who wants me to post about Fire Chief Tidwell - I think you should take your concerns to Councilwoman Diane Toliver, who sponsored the resolution, or else take it up with the administration. I am not printing any of those allegations.