Saturday, September 3, 2016


I planted a lot of Nasturtiums this year, with wildly varying results. Some came right up, while others were stunted. As gardeners know, parts of a yard yield better or worse results depending on soil quality, sun or shade, moisture and who knows what. My hopes now are pinned on relief from this summer's extreme heat and the advent of Autumn rains to bring the plants around.

There were other factors affecting the gardens this year. A lot of the ground around the building was compacted by a lift used to scrape and paint the exterior, and then paint or concrete was dumped on some parts of the garden. One plot was wiped out when an underground tank was dug up and removed.

The so-called "killing frost" used to strike by mid-October, but in recent years it hasn't happened until Thanksgiving or later. I am looking forward to more Nasturtiums in coming weeks and will share photos of the most glamorous ones. 


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