Friday, September 23, 2016

Queen City Pride Leads Station Cleanup

Frustrated by conditions at the main train station, four city residents took action last Sunday.

Here's how Queen City Pride members described the effort:
Displaying trash pile.jpg
At 8 am, we took on the task of cleaning up the trash, the broken and empty bottles, the paper and plastic bags that were scattered across the south lawn and flower beds of the station. With eight hands, one leaf blower, a rake, pickers, gloves and labor sweat, we filled 20 extra-large garbage bags. This was just 2 hours of our time on a quiet Sunday morning.

They plan to be back at 8 a.m. this Sunday (Sept. 18) and welcome anyone else who wants to help.

We have plans to tackle the rest of the station weekly until we accomplish our goal- a station that shines and makes the community of Plainfield proud. 

It is necessary to spread the word to others that big business or government does not have to be the leaders, but every resident in every community can do their part to beautify the space we share with others; this is a grass roots start to our project.

We are not asking for special accommodations, but we are going to reach out to the public works department in the hope that the adjacent properties that border the train station will take it upon themselves to beautify and to make the area look like Jewels of the Queen City.

For those who want to see change, come and meet us.  We will be at the station next Sunday at 8 am to start another round of clean-up.  We have tools and bags to share.
While today we were only four, we hope to grow in numbers. We are a team of residents that care about Our Queen City and want to make the Jewels of the City sparkle.


  1. Many hands make light work! together we all can make a difference for our Queen City

  2. I was in church, but is they ever do it on a Saturday I hope they let the public know and I'll show up. Great job and thank you.
    Bob Bolmer

  3. This is a great opportunity to make a difference for us all and, in the meantime, make new acquaintances and build community. Looking forward to helping.

  4. I thought that was why we paid the extravagant share fee!!!!