Thursday, February 23, 2017

Charlotte DeFilippo Passes

Former Union County Democratic Chairman and Union County Improvement Authority Executive Director Charlotte DeFilippo has passed away, according to several news articles published yesterday.

DeFilippo's role in Plainfield included a last-minute denial of the party line to former Mayor Albert T. McWilliams in 2005 as he sought a third term. McWilliams then tried to run as a Republican, but could not for legal reasons. See Plainfield Plaintalker's report here. Finally, McWilliams mounted a write-in campaign.

The write-in campaign did not succeed. See a post on McWilliams' legacy here.

Under DeFilippo's leadership, the UCIA built the large office building at the corner of West Front Street and Park Avenue.and a strip of storefronts on West Front Street. The project also included a large parking deck. The UCIA was also designated to lead development at other sites, as reported here

The office building was never named for anyone. Might it be named in DeFilippo's memory?



  1. I would prefer that the office building (if it is to be named in tribute) not be named after a politician. I would much prefer Bill Evans, Eddie Hazel or Bernie Worrell's name on the building.

  2. The county building in Plfd is going to be named Jerry Green Building: