Thursday, February 9, 2017

Hello, Niko!
Have we really had 13 storms already this season?

Do you remember any of them? I don't. I can imagine Blanche swishing along in a taffeta dress and Maya poetically invoking the storminess of life. Niko reminds me of Nico and the Velvet Underground, not the upper atmosphere.

Niko is producing thundersnow in some places. By now, most of us have heard of that term, but Niko may also be a weather "bomb," short for a more obscure meteorological term, "bombogenesis." Such drama. Reminds me of some other ill winds that are blowing lately.

If you are enjoying a day off, thank Niko, but if you have to shovel, feel free to hurl a few Jersey swearwords at Niko. To look past the rest of those stormy characters, plant a few seeds on the windowsill and by the time they sprout, the 2016-17 winter storm season will be gone!



  1. Loved Nico and the Velvet Underground Bernice..thanks for the memory!!! "I'll be your mirror."

  2. Bernice, I was told by my meteorological professor at the then called Rutgers Ag School [now Cook College] "There is not such a thing as Good or Bad Weather, just different types. Also, never ask a Farmer how the weather is, you will only hear a complaint.