Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ervin Garners Consulting Role

Somebody tasked me with finding out about David Ervin's new role with the PMUA. Checking the minutes online, I saw that the deal went down at the December 13 meeting, which I did not attend as I was on a self-imposed break.

So I made an OPRA request (which the inquirer could have done by him/herself) and received a copy of the resolution. It cites the ability of the authority to award a contract for the provision of "in-house specialized consulting services" and goes on to describe a contract with David Ervin of Inner-City Environmental LLC for a 12-month term at an amount not to exceed $17,500.

So there you have it. In my current confused state from being ill, I can't locate the pertinent comment, but as I recall, the writer took umbrage at Ervin's receiving extra money after he and the late Eric Watson received large settlements in 2012.

See Plaintalker's report on the settlement here.

The PMUA needs only three of five commissioners to approve actions.The vote on the new contract was recorded as Michelle Graham-Lyons, Henry V. Robinson and Charles W. Tyndale saying "yes" and Robin C. Bright and Carol Ann Brokaw saying "no." As an alternate, Pedro Estevez was present but not voting.

The make-up of the commission has changed since then, with Estevez now a full commissioner and Brokaw and Tyndale off the board.



  1. This event diminishes, perhaps even eradicates, the long sought improvement in the PMUA's image. It is a betrayal to the hard working rank and file as well as the community. They have regressed to their prior conduct. If Mr. Mejias who boasts 30 years in the industry, and is supported by a now long tenured Staff, needs Mr. Ervin's wisdom to operate the organization, it suggests we should dismiss Mr. Mejias and give Mr. Ervin his position. This wanton act conjures up almost forgotten recollections of the day I audited the then Director's, and Assistant Director's, expense accounts. Lunch was a bimonthly event and usually taken at either the Spanish Tavern or Jade Lounge. At that time the Jade advertised a $7.00 per person lunch. The typically $100 to $200 lunches indicated that the gentlemen ate a great deal of Dim Sum or paella. The machinations relating to the million dollar scam are too lengthy to review. Commissioners Bright and Brokaw should be commended for their frustrated effort to reject this appointment. Perhaps the anonymous Commissioner who blogged that I disrespected the Board of Commissioners because I recently stated that they did not understand the Interlocal Agreement, would reply, either anonymously or otherwise, and tell us what sublime knowledge Mr. Ervin possesses that is worth $17,500 a year. PS Does Mr Ervin have an expense account again as part of the deal. Bill Kruse

  2. Mr. Kruse and Ms. Paglia you guys fail to put out the truth but this is non other than the Mappets doing Mapps bidding. As Mapp stated he controls everything well Mr. Mayor your making the same mistakes.

  3. To 8:46 a.m. and 11.51 a.m, when you use terms like "rape" and "steal" I choose not to post your comments. Three commissioners approved the settlements while SRB was mayor - think about it.

  4. The article states that Mr. Ervin is with Inner-City Environmental, LLC. On line they represent themselves as an asbestos removal company. Is the $17,500 contract with Inner-City, LLC, or with Mr. Ervin personally? Did the PMUA elicit the services of Mr. Ervin, or did Mr. Ervin make an application for his consulting position? Or, as is most probable, did someone from the Hall call and mediate the deal? Rather than Mayor Mapp giving his overview of National politics in his next bulletin perhaps we would be better served if he stayed closer to home and rendered his opinion of the Ervin reemployment and tell us if he had an involvement?