Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dem Accord A Contrast To 2015

How times change. Democratic factions in 2015 are now one, according to Dan's report today.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp will get the party line to run for a second term and attorney Steve Hockaday (rendered by Dan as "Hockabee") will be the Fourth Ward candidate.

In 2015, Hockaday was backed by the Regular Democratic Organization of Union County and ran for the First & Fourth Ward at-large seat in the June primary against Mapp's Union County Progressive Democratic Organization candidate Barry Goode.

Hockaday lost the 2015 primary to Goode by 66 votes, 522 to 548. In earlier unofficial results, the gap was even smaller.

Incumbent Fourth Ward Councilwoman Bridget Rivers recently announced a run for mayor in an already crowded field including Mapp, former Councilwoman Tracey Brown and former candidate Mustapha Muhammad.

In 2009, Rivers won the Fourth Ward primary over Vera Greaves by six votes, 245 to 239. In 2013, Rivers ran unopposed and got 384 votes.

It appears from Dan's report that the 68-member Democratic City Committee, whose members are elected on Primary Day, will also avoid the 2015 clash of factions.On the Monday following the primary, the committee members will choose a chairman for two years. Mapp is currently the chairman and the seemingly healed political split augurs well for his re-election as chairman.

Given the national uneasiness, it could be a blessing of sorts to have some harmony at the local level..



  1. On that note of National party, the Democrats are still infighting, they elected a business as usual leader and again forgotten about the progressive, the younger members. These machines have to Change with the times. Plainfield. We need a new face in our city, that will not fall into the same trapping of doing business as usual, hiring family and friends, stacking the elite and forgetting about the rest. report last week that Plainfield is 23% poverty, lower the taxes in town and get rid of PMUA, and slim down the staff. We all need to tighten our belts, since no one knows what the federal government will take next.

    1. If only we could have a couple of Republican like John Bramnick back on the council to be the adult in the room, at least it would give us some hope. 30 years of Democratic rule, and every realtor will tell you people say they want to buy, but NOT in Plainfield.

    2. Timothy O'ConnorMarch 2, 2017 at 10:07 PM

      Why are you "anonymous" on this blog? You are the face of the democratic party!!! You wrote such a wonderful comment and you need to stand up and take charge of this party. You are not a "new" Democrat, you are a democrat!!! We need people like you to push change.

  2. Get rid of PMUA what are you stupid ? Just reform it . Too many managers and dumb legal consultant contracts. And also too many other consultants.

  3. Get rid of PMUA what are you stupid ? Just reform it . Too many managers and dumb legal consultant contracts. And also too many other consultants.

  4. And as a "Fair and Welcoming" City, we can look forward to a higher poverty rate, higher taxes and lessening of services. This of course has nothing to do with Democratic Party rule, it's all Trump's fault.

    1. The public outcry and the influence of the OPT OUT program 8 or 9 years ago resulted in a host of reforms to the PMUA which would not otherwise have occurred. Sadly, the recent reengagement of Mr. Ervin as a "Consultant" ( love that word ) suggests a step backward. With 150 local people employed and no desire by the Council City Council for dissolution the reality is that the PMUA is here to stay. Given the baggage that any governmental Agency is compelled to carry on its back there is not the remotest prospect that the PMUA can ever function as economically as a private enterprise Hauler. That said, there is room for reform. The proepects are:
      1. Consolidation of facilities.
      2. Staff reduction over time through attrition and retirement.
      3. A review of all outside contracts; e.g. Accounting, engineering,auditing, legal, real estate and other consulting with an eye toward serious reductions. engineering; reducing scope and costs.
      4. Returning the Sewer Department to City administration and the work performed under Shared Services to Municipal Public Works. This would increase tax deductions to property owners.

  5. I’m delighted to see the parties agreeing to come together as one democratic party. Maybe this will help to resolve some of the control issues that have proven to keep Plainfield stagnate for far too long. One democrat headquarters for the primary season working together to get the entire slate elected from Governor down to DC members. This is a step in the right direction with the line going to the most qualified candidates.

  6. One democratic office. Lol you don't know Plainfield politics. Watch a Murphy headquarters pop up and watch whose in it. Stay tuned!