Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Checks and Balances

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It's this time of year that politicians tend to be focused on checks and balances - no, not the ones you learned about in Social Studies, the other ones: How many checks are being written and how big a balance there is in the campaign war chest.

Some local candidates have been holding fundraisers for months already, but Monday is filing day for the June 6 primary and candidates will strongly urge you to put your money where your mouth is.

In Plainfield, a Democratic primary win highly correlates with success in the November general election. This year the field is crowded and voter backing means a lot on the way to the primary as well as at the polls. So check your bank balance and see whether you can spare your favorite candidate a few bucks for fliers and buttons. Voter apathy may have played a role in the 45th presidential election. Don't let it happen here!


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  1. Personally I prefer to donate money to support our charitable organizations, Our Historical Districts, Our 97 year old Symphony, Our Public Library, Our own duCret Art School, Our French School of Music, Our Places of Worship and Schools. These institutions will add value to our Real Estate and Attractions to Our Queen City. Let the political process be supported on merits and personality and fend for themselves. #GoPlainfield