Thursday, March 30, 2017

Repairs May Cause Spotty Blogging

Finally some action on the Friday, Jan. 13, leak that wrecked the kitchen ceiling!
The super scraped the ceiling in the kitchen and living room, but said repairs will take a week, starting Monday. This is a very small apartment and we can't move everything out, so it will be Dropcloth City until things are fixed.
Blogging will be impacted by this situation. Unfortunately for me, it is one of those weeks with several meetings - City Council agenda-fixing Monday, Zoning Board of Adjustment Wednesday, Planning Board Thursday.

Mau the cat spent most of Wednesday in hiding. He's a pretty tough guy, except when it comes to having strangers in the apartment. After much cajoling, he emerged and became his usual bossy self instead of being a fraidy-cat.

The leak that went on for more than an hour starting at 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 13 came from a broken pipe in the apartment upstairs. We used every receptacle possible to catch the leaks, but water was coming through in so many places that it was impossible to avoid the damage. The super was in transit from somewhere and could not immediately respond. A lot of our stuff got damaged and had to be thrown out, even though we tried to cover things with plastic drop cloths.

.A new property manager took over at the end of February, so maybe things will improve. We hope so! This location is perfect for us and we really don't want to move.




  2. I do hope the new property manager is an improvement. I feel for your situation now, though. Having that sort of work done is a huge intrusion on you, your son and Mau.