Friday, March 3, 2017

Sign Your &*#@ Name!

Dear Anonymouses, 

Some Big Boys want you to sign your full name to comments on my blog!

Now, I have been lenient with Anonymice unless they say bad words or call names. At this time I am also holding a great many unsigned comments. Unfortunately, this has led to Timothy overload - two, count 'em, two Timothys are dominating the comments. 

Throw off your cloaks, Anonymous ones, and declare yourselves! You have a lot to say - own it! Or will you just cede to the Timothys?

Update - Anonymouses who apparently have city jobs and fear retribution if they use their real names are now calling me a sell-out to the administration!


  1. As a former journalist you should be respectful of anonymity and the possibility of retribution.

  2. It's your blog, Bernice. If those commenters want to have their voices heard, they can start their own blogs. That's what freedom of speech is all about. Anonymous comments often contain very suspect accusations that can't be answered. Even those who sign their names sometimes make inflammatory accusations based on how they interpret your blog, to wit, the comments about the Bierstadts. The city has to go to court to see about the legality of the sale of assets, period. Thesee things work in stages. They would have notified the city council before taking this step of going to court. Depending on what the court says, there would be next steps. The court filing has to be public, but all the hand wringing and vitriol are premature. The city council would certainly be aware of what the administration has proposed doing with the paintings and in going to court. It is a first step. Going before the city council, depending on the outcome of the court findings, would be a next step. Then, the discussion, public hearings, and so forth, as with any other public asset. It would be a wonderful thing if comments could be made without the vitriol, suspicion and distortions. The absolute unhinged rage that can be felt in some of the comments is disturbing and completely out of proportion to a proposal. I will keep this anonymous simply to avoid having comments made attacking me for writing a comment.

    Signed, a retired public sector professional

  3. Anonymity may have its place, but some of the things that get posted need to be blocked. Some of this nameless writers are just spreading lies and hate. This is a steep slop we are on and I respect Bernice's decision. Her position is not an easy one to be in.

  4. The vitriolic attacks make it difficult to want to post in any other way than anonymous..

  5. Just stop posting comments that,s what Dan did
    signed Elmor J Fudd

  6. Timothy O'ConnorMarch 4, 2017 at 9:05 PM

    It’s not about conceding to the “Timothys”, it is about truly believing in what you have to say and what you believe. While I don’t condone personal attacks or foul language, I do believe in an open forum to express opinions and concerns about what is happening in our town. This is a democracy and the more voices that are raised the better. That is what democracy is about. The free express of opinions and the ability to listen to those opinions without fear of retribution.

    This may be a Pollyanna view point but I believe that what people have to say is important regardless of whether or not I agree with those opinions. Unfortunately, when those opinions are presented anonymously they are downgraded. These opinions are giving less weight because they are just floaters without a base. Just sign you name. WELCOME!!! We need you!!! We want to hear what you have to say!!! You are important!!! You can make a change!!!