Saturday, March 18, 2017

Deja Vu From 2010 - On Snow and Flowers

Had to remind DPW Friday that the sidewalk on the East Seventh Street side of Lot 7 needed clearing. Thanks for the quick response! I was able to make my way to Twin City on foot with no snow or ice in my way.

This winter anecdote from 2010 echoed the issue. The DPW always does a great job on Lot 7, just sometimes needs a nudge to clear that sidewalk for us old ladies.

Alas, the last of the double pink Impatiens succumbed to a mysterious blight a few years ago, cutting off my longtime supply of free plants. I nicknamed my propagation hobby "Plant Parenthood" and gave a couple of talks on it to Habitat for Humanity new homeowners and to members of the Senior Center. Here's a blog post on dividing to multiply iris plants.

It's a great way to share Hosta and Lily of the Valley, too! Give it a try in your block association or neighborhood group.


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