Friday, April 4, 2014

Muhlenberg Proposes New Emergency Department

This public notice was published today


Notice of Public Hearing
In accordance with the ordinances of the City of Plainfield, and the statutes of the State of New Jersey, notice is hereby given that MUHLENBERG REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER, INC. (the "Applicant") has applied to the City of Plainfield Planning Board (the "Board") Application #PB 14-12 for preliminary and final site plan approval and all variance and waiver approvals as may be required in order to renovate the existing (? 24,000 sq. ft.) two-story (Kenyon House) building located on the property identified as Block 13, Lot 38.02 on the Tax Map of the City of Plainfield and located at the intersection of Park Avenue and Randolph Road, Plainfield, New Jersey. Applicant proposes to renovate the first floor (? 11,970 sq. ft.) of the existing (Kenyon House) building for use as a hospital satellite emergency medical department and for out-patient medical services including diagnostic services and the community hospital group. No changes are proposed to the building's second floor (? 11,970 sq. ft.) which will continue to be used for dialysis services. A ? 890 sq. ft. building addition is proposed to house emergency response vehicles. Additional changes are proposed to the site and building to facility the proposed use including expansion of driveway, the installation of a free-standing drive-up canopy and a dumpster enclosure. Applicant is not proposing any changes to the existing parking area. Additional access to this property is also provided by easement through Block 13, Lots 38.01 and 38.03.
Applicant will also seek any and all variances, waivers, or other relief as may be deemed necessary upon review of the application by the Board and its professionals including, but not limited to the following variances: driveway location within 5' of property line (? 17:9-42A), driveway services more than one lot and one use (? 17:9-42B); driveway size 24' wide and 40' wide curb cut exceeds maximum width permitted (? 17:9-42H); two roof signs proposed on the drive up canopy (? 17:9-51F.2); and number of signs proposed exceeds number permitted by ordinance (? 17:9-51F.2). Applicant is also seeking a waiver from the following design and performance standard: dumpster area (11' x 11') not fully buffered and screened (? 17:11-16A1).
A public hearing will be held before the Board on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Plainfield Public Library, Ann Louise Davis Meeting Room. 800 Park Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey to consider this application.
At said public hearing, any person or persons affected by this application will have an opportunity to be heard either in person or by attorney.
All documents relating to this application may be inspected by the public Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., except on legal holidays, at the Division of Planning and Development, Second Floor, City Hall, 515 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, New Jersey.
Wendy M. Berger
Attorney for Applicant
Cole, Schotz, Meisel, Forman & Leonard, P.A.
(201) 525-6203
Dated: April 2, 2014


  1. The good news is that Plainfield will retain an emergency medical facility. The potentially disturbing aspect is that the main building will now be completely vacant ; a step closer to demolition.

    The Architectural representative from JFK advised me that the JFK study of the buildings in the existing facilities concluded that it was not economically feasible to renovate these existing buildings into a Nursing Home, or Assisted Living/Retirement facility. I trust that the Consultants who are currently studying the potential use of the property will investigate this representation. On the face of it, it seems improbable that the costs razing of these substantial buildings and constructing new buildings is less costly than performing alterations to the interior of the existing. buildings and refitting them for an alternative use.?

    Looking beyond the Consultant's recommendations regarding potential uses, where does it go? Anyone can list the 4 or 5 prospective uses of the property. Once the report is in hand who takes the consultant's conclusions and recruits prospective investors? Therein lies the challenge. Bill Kruse

    1. Bill, as always you are right on the money! JFK's submission says nothing about the hospital building or apartments--I guess they plan to do this the same way you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

  2. I guess this new medical facility is meant to entice us to buy into their plan for 600 apartments? The medical services are good and needed but at what cost? keep in mind the first floor of the Kenyon building is not that big and I question will it even accommodate all that they are proposing. The community has spoken loud and clear on many occasion, we do not want or need their medical service if it comes with a 600 unit apartment complex attached.

    Just think about it, at least 1200 more residence in this small area, we most certainly will need a larger medical facility then what they are proposing. JFK’s propose services will not even accommodate the residence we have now, let alone another 1200 plus more. JFK NO MEANS NO, NO 600 UNIT APARTMENTS NO MATTER HOW ENTICING YOU TRY TO MAKE IT


  3. Lets put low income housing in there

  4. The 600 "Luxury apartments" are low income housing. If not at the outset, then shortly after when the inability of the developer to lease them for the intended rental compels him to reduce the price. Just a handful of bad apples will spoil the barrel.

  5. Jerry Green has used Plainfield as his dumping ground for over 20 years. The people of Plainfield obviously did not care - for here we are.

    Jerry miscalculated the spirit of Plainfielders when they really want something. Muhlenberg will not be a dumping ground for some political favor. There will not be 600 units, and Plainfield will not pay for JFK's bad business decision. Somebody at JFK needs to figure that out. Hey guys, look at the surrounding area - there are affluent towns that will support a hospital - Wesfield - Warren. Get your marketing suits on the ball and tell them to do their jobs!

    People will not come to Plainfield because it is not safe (I have heard that ridiculous comment), well, how many of you JFK guys will live around Columbia Pres. - but I bet you go!!!!

    Stop dragging your feet - stop expecting Plainfield to dig you out of your hole, and do the right thing.

    1. Thank you Anonymous, we need everyone to come out to the Planning Board meeting at the library on 4-17-14 at 7:00 PM. If you can't come to the meeting please call the Planning Board and encourage them to reject JFK's proposal to move the emergency room. WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT MEDICAL SERVICES IF IT HAS TO COME WITH 600 UNIT PROJECTS!!!

  6. What ploy of JFK's is being supported by requesting this change as Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center not JFK or Solaris - when I spoke to "Wendy" the laywer listed on the certified letter, she said she was not representing JFK. She said she was representing MRMC.
    What's the end game? I asked her 25 times why this move was good for the city. The first 25 she said state of the art satellite emergency room good for the city--on the 26 she asked me if I knew how much it cost JFK-with whom she is not affiliated by her own words- to keep the current ER open as it is attatched to the hospital.
    I also asked if the 600 units JFK was putting in were considered ub their calculations for the this transformation, she said NO
    they had not put that into their planing.
    I suggest you all call her. If you want an upclose and personal lesson on sticking to the party line this girl is stuck to it. There were no answers. Actually, when I asked where she went to school, just to get any answer that was not it's good for the city- she wouldn't answer!
    In my 35 years working with kids and collage planning, I have asked that question of almost everyone I meet, this is the first time ever not to get an answer.A little over the top secretive, or just dosen't care to relate as a human being.
    I suggest you call and find out.
    It woulden't hurt to just call and let them know we know what they are up to, and just to annoy them like they are annoying us!
    Good luck Have Fun!