Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Be an Informed Voter on June 3.

Regular Democratic Organization of Union County campaign office

Over the next two months, be prepared to hear lots of rhetoric from candidates for the June 3 primary.

Not all of it will make sense, and some of it will not even be true. Voters need to inform themselves of the election process as well as what the candidates stand for.

Take the photo above. You are urged to "vote Democrat." Well, all the local contests are among Democrats, three running for the First Ward City Council seat,  two for the Second & Third Wards at-large seat and three for the Third Ward seat. Republicans are running unopposed in the latter two races. I guess it is very nice of the Regular Democrats to urge a vote for any three of the eight Democrats.

There is a small flier in the window that lists the three RDO candidates. However, it misstates the status of the party's choice in the Third Ward when it says, "Re-Elect Gloria Taylor," because she was never elected, she was appointed on Dec. 30 to fill the vacancy caused by the Dec. 27 resignation of the former Third Ward councilman. She is now running for the balance of the unexpired term.

Plaintalker does not make political endorsements, but one of this blog's purposes is to inform voters on the election process and significant dates. The June primary does not always bring out a lot of voters, but it does eliminate some candidates from being on the ballot in November. Between now and June 3, candidates will seek your support. Make sure you are ready on June 3 to give it locally to the ones that you feel will serve the city best.



  1. wash rinse repeat... Sooooooo.... June 4th is the day we get to have the New Dem's and RDO's joining hands and begin skippping through Cedarbrook Park in their bi-annual Koumbaya Celebration... The whole time pretending the RDO's haven't gone out of their way to keep their boot on the necks of the taxpayers of the city.. Ain't nothing like getting along

  2. Rob, you bring up a good point. The problem to my mind is that we do not have many informed voters. They think New Dems is another party, as opposed to being Democrats who do not like being dumped upon by the Democratic Party. Specifically, Jerry Green has done nothing to bring Plainfield up, only keep it down, and there are a good number of people who, for whatever reason, stay down with him.

    So to be clear, New Dems ARE Democrats, just not lemmings who follow a poor leader- that would be Jerry.

  3. Many slates are going to claim their opponents want to bring 600 condo units whether or not the claim is true. You can put your money on that - especially as a last-minute scare tactic, as has been done before. People should be aware of such maneuvers, along with "vote Democrat" and such.

    - David Rutherford

  4. Gerry Green and his Democrat followers are always breaking the rules. His signs in the window are way to large for the space. As Plainfield is trying to clean up the downtown area Green comes along and says look at me and my party I am the King and can break all the rules I want! He made sure his name was in large print.

  5. Voters need to pay attention and indeed we do need to educate voters. The regular Democratic Party (RDO) is about keeping the status quo as it was under Sharon. We in Plainfield are done with Sharon and need a new direction. We also need to get rid of game players who are in the ilk of Reid, Greaves, Brown, Taylor, and Rivers. People like that need to go. Look for good alternatives people and vote the "carpetbaggers" out.

  6. I agree many politician and aspiring politicians has and will continue to use the Muhlenberg property as their platform for winning an election. Frankly I am sick of it. The potential of JFK being able to build a 600+ unit apartments (not condos) on that property is REAL. We all know that Jerry Green has been called out and had many occasions to express his views on the subject but has chosen to remain silent. Jerry Green has not bother to attend any of the community meetings to hear first hand form his constituents. His action or lack thereof, could only leave one to believe that he is in favor and endorses JFK’s proposal. His desire/need to have a city council that would do as they are told without question is evident in his choices and the way they were chosen. There’s no denying that.
    So when you say some slates are going to claim their opponents want to bring 600 unit apartment complex, whether or not it’s true, that’s not a bad thing. If the other side doesn’t want to talk about it or state their position – then all is fair in politics. YOU ARE EITHER FOR IT OR AGAINST IT. it really is that simple.
    JFK has recently applied to the city’s Planning Board to move the emergency room to the Kenyon Building. What does this mean?

    Robin Bright

  7. Green obviously is now aware that windows can only have coverings on 1/3 of the space. But hey, why should he care, the former mayor - srb-covered all her windows when she was campaigning and could care less about the rules. But now we know where she learned it from.

    Jerry Green has got to go!

  8. Bob, Again you don't know what you are talking about. Hating on people you never had a conversation with.You are so full of hatred for this powerful black man that you take it out on those he gave the line..Have you noticed that the people you accuse of over taxing plfd.are just supporting the new mayor, they support almost everything he puts on the table. open your hating, blind eyes.What do you want them to do that they are not doing.what do you do for plainfield? you and your hate buddies do nothing but criticize. Run for Office, or shut up.

    1. What powerful black man? If you are talking about Jerry Green, we have different standards, and different ideas of powerful.

      Jerry did nothing for Muhlenberg. Powerful is for Jerry to walk in to Christie's office (he could have done the same with Corzine, a Democrat, but did not) and demand that JFK put a medical facility on the Muhlenberg campus. He did not, he does not, and he will not. Why? He is not that powerful.

      And really, you think the people he has chosen, and continues to choose are the best people to represent Plainfield? Take a better look and don't follow the "powerful black man" blindly.

  9. Robin Bright...

    In the Third Ward 2012 Election, it was Jerry Green's candidate (the same Jerry Green who you consider too vague on Muhlenberg) who accused the off-the-line Democrat of supporting housing on the Muhlenberg site in a last minute lit drop that made an impact on the race.

    It was a bad thing.

    David Rutherford

  10. You people blame Jerry Green for everything wrong with plainfield, and he is a powerful Black man,like it or not.He has more power and influence than you Blog Haters that really need to get a life.Some of you would not know what to do when council meeting are canceled.The only time you can insult people and get away with it.

    1. Deserved or undeserved, Jerry gets the blame. Meanwhile he sits on his hands, plays politics, and does nothing for the city. His act is wearing thin.