Friday, April 4, 2014

No Handbills on Vehicles, Please

The political season has its own annoyances, as Dr. Yood notes regarding phone solicitations. Another one is the practice of sticking fliers or handbills under the windshield wipers of cars, especially in church parking lots on Sundays. The owners of the vehicles may lose some of the spiritual uplift from the service through having to remove and dispose of the unwanted handbills, which may contain scurrilous claims about candidates. Will churchgoers be able in 2014 to maintain their sanctity or will they be thrust into the venal world of dirty politics as soon as they get to their vehicles? We shall see.

From the Plainfield Municipal Code:

Sec. 10:5-9.    Placing commercial and noncommercial handbills on vehicles.

    (a)     No person shall throw or deposit commercial and noncommercial handbills in or upon a vehicle.
    (b)     This Section shall not apply to the distribution of, without charge to the receiver thereof, a noncommercial handbill to any occupant of a vehicle who is willing to accept it.
(R.O. 1957, 10:11-8, adopted Oct. 2, 1967; MC TY 1991-10, § 1, adopted June 17, 1991.)


  1. This sounds like a job for the Elite C.O.P Unit

  2. Yes they are, They should be called the Shadow Company cause you never see them