Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Former Mayor Comments on Budget, Employees

Former Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs urged support for the Legal Shield program, payment of gang workshop expenses, job restoration for certain employees and cuts in the current mayor's budget when she spoke in public comment at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

Robinson-Briggs lost her bid for a third term in 2013 to Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, who lost to her in the 2009 mayoral race, as she frequently reminded him for the ensuing four years. When Mapp was council president, he often wielded his power to keep her proposed resolutions off the agenda.

On Tuesday, Robinson-Briggs began by saying she came out "on a rainy night and a night that I had surgery" to speak. Among her concerns:

- She had allowed employees in 2013 to sign up for a payroll deduction plan for legal costs, which Mapp halted.
"It was reviewed and approved by me and it should have gone forward," she said.
The issue came up at every meeting for about three months, including one in March where Gloria Taylor, appointed to fill the Third Ward vacancy caused by Mapp's taking office, accused him of "dirty politics" by offering a quid-pro-quo to restore the program.

- Robinson-Briggs urged payment of disputed costs associated with a gang workshop she held in August 2013.
"Please pay them," she said. "Vendors are calling."

-She urged the council to add Kim Montford, a former Shade Tree Commission member (and her 2013 co-host for Rev. Al Sharpton) to the Citizens Budget Advisory Committee. The seven-member CBAC is appointed by the council.

- Claiming the Mapp-led council in 2013 "cut my budget down to the bones," she rattled off a long list of items she felt should be cut from Mapp's 2014 budget, including new staff salaries.
"Are these positions that we need to run the city or are they political salaries?" she asked, alleging many new hires were on Mapp's transition team.
"To add another million dollars to the budget is absolutely criminal," she said.

- Robinson-Briggs also urged restoration of "mentor" Roland Crawford, whose job at Hannah Atkins Playground was "written out of the budget." Crawford, also known as Roland Muhammad, frequently castigated Mapp and certain other council members on Robinson-Briggs' behalf, noting, "I say things the mayor can't say."



  1. Sharon dispelled any credibility she may once have had by her actions during her second term. We don't need any further promotion of her personal agenda--we had enough of that during her two terms as mayor. Sharon, you lost--get over it and move on!

  2. Bernice, Bridget Rivers was the council president in 2013 . This is her second year as council president. She was in charge of placing items on the agenda. If the mayor was complaining about her 2013 agenda items, they would have been placed on the agenda (or not placed there) by Councilor Rivers.


  3. Sharon really called something "criminal"?
    I was at a baseball game where "mentor" Mohammed showed his a** because QCBL was playing an out of town team and he felt that they had no right to be was an embarrassment and a black eye for Plainfield. I say Sharon and Mohammed can kick rocks. The less drama the better. We need to move forward and in order to move forward we need to cut the dead weight from around our necks!

  4. he cut her budget to the bare bones??? wasn't someone trying to fund her friends, I mean budget, off the back of the library?? classic Sharon.. let her "vendors" go after her or maybe her BFF Dave Wynn can show her how to "make" money.. 1 for you 2 for me... 1 for you 3 for me..

    1. sounds like a Bugs Bunny episode to me! around 2:20

  5. "Are these positions that we need to run the city or are they political salaries?"

    Yes these positions are needed to run the city. First, remember Sharon said that her budget was CUT to bare bones, meaning she also wanted more money for her office. She sounds like sour grapes when she said that Mayor Mapp was one of the people who disapproved. If anyone should know about political salaries it is she. Remember Recreation and Purchasing? You will recall that Sharon did not think that a city of 50K needed a full time CFO, and made little attempt to fill other cabinet positions. She ran a major city with 3 people, and would probably have run it herself if she could have gotten away with it. She exhibits her lack of management skills and business knowledge when she exclaims that Legal Shield costs nothing (of course it costs!).

    The city was run poorly. We need people to help run this city efficiently, and to "advertise" it.

    Councilwoman Taylor talks about how Mayor Mapp stole her idea for "rebranding Plainfield". Well, Councilwoman Taylor, just how are you expecting to do that? I am interested in your rebranding strategy when there is no one to do it. Is it possible that perhaps you took the idea from Mayor Mapp (who has been saying this before his mayoral campaign) without knowing what it meant?

    And let me be clear, I am not a councilperson, member of the city payroll, or in any other way related to the political machine. I am a Plainfield citizen who has the betterment of Plainfield at heart, who has no axes to grind, and who is beholding to no political favors, especially those owed to Jerry Green. Can you on the council say the same?

    "To add another million dollars to the budget is absolutely criminal," she said.

  6. I know people who were at Hannah Atkins several years ago helping to educate the area children after school by helping with their homework. No trace of Roland.