Monday, March 31, 2014

By Their Slogans Ye Shall Know Them: Candidates File, Form Slates

Ten City Council candidates met a 4 p.m. filing deadline today for the June 3 primary election.

Those seeking a four-year term in the First Ward are Democrats Diane Toliver, Emmett L. Swan and Siddeeq El-Amin. No Republicans filed for the seat.

Candidates for the at-large Second & Third Ward four-year term are Republican Randy Bullock and Democrats Charles Eke and incumbent Rebecca Williams. For an unexpired Third Ward term, candidates are Republican Charles A. Jones Jr. and Democrats  Charles L. McRae, incumbent appointee Gloria Taylor and Rasheed Abdul-Haqq.

Among the Democrats, Toliver, Eke and Taylor are on the party line with the slogan, "Regular Democratic Organization of Union County." Swan, Williams and McRae are running under the slogan, "New Democrats for Plainfield." El-Amin's slogan is "Plainfield First - Plainfield Forward!" and Abdul-Haqq's slogan is "Let's Get Rid of Jerry Green."

Republicans Bullock and Jones are running on their party line, "Regular Organization Republican of Union County." With no opponents, each will be on the November 4 general election ballot along with winners of the Democratic primary contests.

Independent candidates who file on June 3 will also be on the November ballot, and school board candidates must also file on June 3 to be on the ballot. The school board elections were held in April until the City Council approved the move to November in 2012.
Brochures with all the important election dates are available in the City Clerk's office at City Hall. The brochure is issued annually by Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi and election dates and information are also posted on her web site.



  1. The RDO slate is full-bore PMUA. Not the PMUA that could be, but the PMUA as we know it, the one that stands for contract fraud, securities fraud, illegal commissioner compensation, prohibited campaign contributions, nepotism, patronage, raping your wallet, and no accountability. Maybe the State investigation will find even more abuses, but this should be enough to reject the slate without further question.

  2. "With no opponents, each will be on the November 4 general election ballot along with winners of the Democratic primary contests"....... If they receive at least 1 more vote than any potential write-in.

  3. While I will not vote for Haaq- I do like his slogan. Perhaps we can all adopt that and vote him out next year!!!

  4. I'm glad we have New Dem candidates, as the regular Dems are a farce and not worth considering. They will back the PMUA in whatever expensive and illegal activity they choose and we can not afford candidates like that.