Friday, March 28, 2014

No More Snow (We Hope)

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp's administration had to deal with sixteen snowstorms in a row since Jan. 1, one less than what former Mayor Mark Fury encountered when he took office 20 years ago.

Asked about the challenge, Fury said weather forecasting technology has improved, but dealing with the snow still comes down to use of shovels and plows.

The Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist has posted statistics for the 20 storms of the winter of 2013-2014. The number of storms exceeds those of many previous years. Snowfall totals just for Plainfield are not always recorded, as the city no longer has a volunteer weather observer. There are totals for other Union County towns.
File:2011 Halloween nor'easter Oct 29 2011 1805Z.jpg
  For 2011, the statistics include the Hallowe'en storm shown in this NASA photo.

Maybe now that we are a week into Spring, it's safe to put those snow shovels away and line up the garden tools.



  1. Beautiful picture of another church on this years church tour. Hope it doesnt look like that during the tour!

  2. it would be nice if the city, with a new mayor and without Bill Reid to gum up the process, can enact a snow emergency law so that the streets can be properly plowed going forward... If we are in a cycle of snow for awhile it would make the streets so much easier to navigate.

  3. We have a new neighbor and friend who monitors the weather here in Plainfield take a look, maybe he could be the volunteer weather observer in Plainfield?