Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Mapp vs. Muhammad: The Re-match

As he promised, Mustapha Muhammad filed as an independent for mayor Tuesday, meaning he will be challenging Mayor Adrian O. Mapp on Nov. 7.

Mustapha Muhammad and his wife with city leaders in support of the Nation of Islam's Million Family March in 2000
In 2013, Muhammad was one of three opponents to then-Councilman Mapp, the others being Republican Sandy Spector and independent D. Scott Belin. Mapp won with 5,234 votes and Muhammad came in second with 1,061, followed by Spector with 765 and Belin with 392.

This time, no Republicans filed for the office and Mapp handily won over primary challengers Rev. Tracey Brown, Councilwoman Bridget Rivers and political newcomer Dr. Henrilynn Davis Ibezim on Tuesday. 

Muhammad filed Tuesday with the slogan, "Independent/Justice Party."

Leading up to the primary, Muhammad kept up a barrage of posts on Facebook, most recently urging voters to vote for Brown for mayor. Today on Facebook he announced his own official candidacy.



  1. I’m sure the Campbells,Dunns, Robinson-Briggs and Brown will all jump on the Mustapha Muhammad bandwagon in a effort to dethrone Mapp.

    1. Dethrone Mapp? so you agree Mapp is a Monarch.

    2. We agree that the Campbell, Dunn, Robinson-Briggs and Brown gaggle for the most part want to work for themselves, not Plainfield. They all have proven that with their past actions. As a therapist I tell my clients that I need to see evidence of the behavioral changes they claim to have attained, don't just tell me. Actions do truly speak louder than words. Compare what Sharon did in eight years and what Mapp has done in 3.5 years. I don't trust the Campbells, Dunns, Robinson-Briggs, or Muhammad. Their past behavior shows that they aren't about to care about the people of Plainfield and continue to only take care of themselves.

    3. I hope and pray they do ,and exactly what actions has Brown done that proves she's not for plainfield.....I beg to differ Rev.Brown is exactly what Plainfield as for the others they are responsible for themselves,Mr.Mapp is not for Plainfield if he was work would be done in the 4th ward ,a mayor represents the entire city not just sections.......And as for Rev.Briwn taking care of only herself let's me know you obviously have no clue as to who she is all she does is look out for others......her record speaks for itself CHECK IT!!!!!!!!

  2. Good Lord this is a riot. This is the same guy that yells about gentrification and then moves into the first new project completed in town. Not sure if he is delusional, stupid or just a hypocrite. Maybe all three?

  3. Mr.Mustapha Muhammad moved in the nice new apartment building on Westervelt Avenue but is against the other apartment developments in the city. He think he deserves to live someplace nice but he don't want other people to have a nice place to live. Well Mapp won and Muhammad don't have a snowball chance in hell of becoming mayor. Yelling in capital letters on Facebook is not a campaign. He need to stop, this is a joke right?

  4. I imagine Republicans will vote for Mapp because Mapp is a fiscal conservative. There's no hope. Mapp will win. Thank Bernice, Rebecca and Dan for helping Mapp win the primary.

  5. This is for "Lizzy": How do you figure Bernice, Rebecca and Dan helped Mapp win the primary? Each had one vote, if you look at the numbers Mapp beat all his opponents combined.The opponents had the same chance to go out and knock on doors with volunteers. Or are you saying Plainfield voters are stupid Or are sheep and easily led? Everyone who came out voted the way they wanted. Just because your candidate couldn't break 500 votes is probably because she didn't do the work, and neither did her supporters and friends. Did you canvas for her or make phone calls for her? What did you personally do to help her, probably nothing.Sore loser.