Sunday, June 4, 2017

The (Election) End Is Near, We Hope

Let's see, when will all this be over?

In case you just jetted in from an ayahuasca retreat, you know I'm talking about the Plainfield primary election for mayor and two council seats.Four people want to be mayor and six others want to serve on the City Council. They are all Democrats, running under four different slogans, but the winners will magically turn into Regular Democrats (unless they are already the Regular Democrats).

I have seen a lot of campaigns since I started writing about Plainfield in 1984, but this one has more than its fair share of what the late Mayor Richard L. Taylor called "donkey dust."  Facebook and your mailbox have been filling up with disinformation, ill-conceived observations and false witness, along with some actual reasons why the candidate feels worthy of your vote..

When will it end?

If there are clear winners, unofficial results will be known shortly after the polls close at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. If any of the races are close, official results on the Monday following the primary will tell the tale.

If the results are very close or a storm like Sandy interferes, it could take longer. Special voting arrangements had to made in 2012 when the superstorm struck and delayed results for 20 days.

Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi has a comprehensive guide to elections that can answer all your questions except perhaps this one: "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?" (Click here for the answer.)


  1. Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi

    As I informed this department 3 weeks ago that the font size used is not the equal in size for all the candidates running.

    The largest font is used for Regular Democratic Organization of Union County and the other candidates have smaller font.

    This is a prefect example of how the Union County Machine works for themselves and not the people, before the remarks come out, please check this out on their site.

    Can we really trust the our votes are counted?

    1. I have found Union County Clerk Joanne Rajoppi to be about service and dedication to her many-faceted role. I only saw one name in smaller type on that list and given the volume of information to be processed, I would not jump to the conclusion that the "Machine" is involved. The list of who's running is not where your votes get counted anyway. The sample ballot and the voting booth screen are more relevant.

  2. Tim Priano you said you were an independent. You can't even vote in the primary so yes, you can trust that your vote won't count. But seriously you sound just like Donald Trump with your conspiracy theory.Your comments during the presidential election and now this sure make you sound like you voted for Trump. Bridget Rivers must be sad that you can't even vote for her even though you have her campaign sign. Have you wondered why none of your neighbors is voting for her? Do you think they are all stupid or "sleepy hollow"mentality? You really should do some research and read up since you are so opinionated and knowledgeable about Plainfield having lived here for less than a year. It's because they have seen her voting record, you really should look at it. You would probably rip it from your lawn after. But since you want to create conspiracy theories about the Union County clerk who is a constitutional officer, go ahead. Next you will be accusing our city clerk of the same thing. But supporting Bridget while deliberately registered as an independent is useless. She needs your vote and that you can't give her.

  3. I voted by mail, and the fonts were all the same. Are you talking about the sample ballot which means nothing, only a tool to show you how to vote?

  4. Thank you, we just past our 1st year of owning our home in Plainfield, please send a donation on our behalf to one of local charities that could use this instead of giving to political campaigns?

    Yes, I am an independent, I choose this due to the fact that last year we all watched Bernie Sanders being tossed under the bus by the DNC Machine. The political parties in our country are Big money that buy elections. Those who are grassroots, everyday citizens that want to make a difference in their communities are crushed by the gross overspending of the machine candidates.

    One of the Mapp supporters came to our door not knowing who’s house it was and when we opened the door, the comment was, “OH guess you already made up your mind.” My husband was totally shock that they would assume that they would know who we would vote for or that we even voted the same. This was a missed opportunity to speak to a neighbor and talk about the issues, but we have learned in Plainfield that if you do have a different opinion then you are attacked and treated like you have Leprosy. Sad that people are so closed minded and intolerant of others’ opinions. That they lack the vision and creative ideas to address the needs of our city. They need to realize that working together can make our government work for all the people. The oppressed under the previous administration have become the oppressors.

    Questioning all public officials is part of the process. Especially in New Jersey where the lack of media outlets requires citizens to be involved, we are not just going to lay down and allow the government to manage without the voice of the people. Government requires checks and balances.

    Also, my complaint has been and continues to be that the Mayor’s face does not belong on every event in the city and all over the city’s website, these are our tax dollars.

    Still wondering why, it is going to cost $232K to renovate the Rushmore Park’s 800 square foot seasonally building, I hope that someone checks the invoices?

    Why is it that there is more information concerning the city on the re-election Facebook page of Mapp than you can find on the city Facebook page?

    President Obama, made many reference during his term and recently, that you must be involved if you are going to be a citizen of this world.

    Since your view point is narrow minded, it was not just Bridget River who was a smaller font, also John S. Wisniewski running for Governor, Paul M. Alirangues running to unseat Jerry Green. But keep your closed-minded bulling going, it is so patriotic of you! You are the same people who equate talk to action. Talking is not action, action is what you physically do for your community. This group of people do not support the charities or the civic organizations in Plainfield all they do is talk and look for free booze at the house parties.

    As far as our lawn signs, Bridget Rivers and Peter Price are the only 2 candidates that asked to have a sign on our lawn, we are always happy to support all as part of the election process and if Reverend Brown or Mayor Mapp or Dr. Ibezim had asked, their signs would be on the front lawn as well.

    We moved to Plainfield to be part of a community, and do our best to support all parts of the city and everyone that is out there doing their part to change and better the Quality of life.

    WE ALL have the right to declare a change of party tomorrow to another party if you so choose to! “A registered voter currently not affiliated with a political party may declare their party affiliation up to and including Primary Election day” So tomorrow, I will support BRIDGET RIVERS FOR MAYOR AND ALMA BLANCO 2/3 CITY COUNCIL AND WRITE IN PETER PRICE FOR 2-6

    1. Timothy, I can’t stress enough how ridiculous you sound every time you post a comment. Any person that agrees to put a sign in their front yard for every candidate tells me they have no loyalty to anyone and whomever makes them feel good at the time is who will get their vote, regardless if they’re qualified or not to run this city. You are as much of a joke as Dr Ibezim who cares so little about our city that he would get his name on the ballot only to take the opportunity to try to discredit all the work and progress of the current mayor. As far as I see, you stand for nothing and your primary purpose is to wrongfully criticize the mayor and anyone that vocally supports him. There is a difference between criticizing unjustly and holding one accountable. Plainfield needs strong, honest, ethical intelligent, qualified leaders. Say yes to Mapp, Mills-Ramson and Hockaday, yes to Column A.


    2. I know voters register as unaffiliated can vote in the primary but correct me if I’m wrong, Independents cannot vote in the primary. Your quote “Yes, I am an independent,”.

    3. Thank you RB,
      Please we are talking about politicos, if you are looking for loyalty in a politician we all better get on flight to fantasy island. As far as signs on our yard, since I was, (6 hours ago) an independent, why would not support each candidate for election, each has their good and bad points. Signs do not vote, people do and they should know the choices that are available and be involved with their choices.

      I am proud to say that I did flip my Party and vote this morning for a candidate, but the intimidation that was at the 2-6 polling this morning by your candidate reinforce the reason behind sticking to my choice.
      People, this is an election, keep civil….
      And I am loyal to My Husband, Our Daughter and Most of ALL MY GOD.

  5. Timothy, There are very few people who can stand to be judged by the reputation they created for themselves. A common criticism of you is that you just got here. How nice you made it a year but you have certainly left your mark. You practically came to this town swinging starting first wreaking havoc at city hall before you understood the process. That's another common complaint of you. Then you were sounding the alarm to call for the State to investigate when the mayor was simply seeking information regarding possibly selling those pictures. That sale has been called for many years before by a popular activist. He thought the proceeds could be put to good use. Your reputation is to attack first get facts later. But then you do some good work doing clean ups and supporting charitable organizations. Have you heard a negative outweighs a positive. Perhaps if you led with your heart instead of your hot head you could be a true benefit to Plainfield. However your toxic reputation has turned off a lot of good people. It also stands to reason why you would want to support Bridget. But you probably don't really know how she carries herself when she's in charge. Not someone I would want representing my city.
    So no need to clap back. Just marinate on the possibility that you could have introduced yourself to Plainfield in a better way. By the way, your husband seems to be your opposite. Nice guy.
    N. Jordan

    1. Thank you, Ms. Jordan,

      To correct one points in your note. Filing legal papers with the county courts to sell the 2 Albert Bierstadt are far from seeking information. Yes, I was very aware of the previous attempts to fleece the city of these Masters, we had advisement from the same person who dealt with this in the past.

      Also, the last time I checked we live in a democracy and it is our duties as taxpayers to question and demand transparency and accountability. WE need to have checks and balances of our public elected officials and employees. When you have an unbalanced council that will never question the legislation or if they try to question they are intimated by the rest, that is a call a Dictatorship.

      Wishing you all the best for all you do for the city. You are a true treasure for all the children. I will do my best to make sure that all available resources are given to our charitable organization, raise awareness and build unity within our community… instead of donation to your political pals

      Timothy Priano

    2. Respect and civility is still an effective way to ask questions and hold anyone accountable. Tone is very important in communication. I appreciate your tone with me and I'll let you know where your kinder heart is needed.
      N. Jordan

  6. I would like to thank the blog responders of Plainfield, especially RB. I have been attempting to persuade Timothy to be a democrat for 15 years to no avail. However, now with a move to Plainfield and a few obnoxious replies to his posts that goal has been achieved. Mark that one off the bucket list. THANK YOU PLAINFIELD!!!!