Thursday, June 15, 2017

Plainfield Celebrates Pride

After a welcome by City Council President Rebecca Williams, an invocation by Rev. Damaris Ortega of United Church of Christ Congregational and remarks by Mayor Adrian O. Mapp, a rainbow flag was raised in celebration of LGBT Pride Month.

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Here is the City Council resolution designating LGBT Pride Month 2017:

Introduced by Council President Rebecca L. Williams:

WHEREAS, LGBT Americans have made, and continue to make, great and lasting contributions that continue to strengthen the fabric of American society; and
WHEREAS, as long as the promise of equality for all remains unfulfilled, all Americans are affected. If we can work together to advance the principles upon which our Nation was founded, every American will benefit; and
WHEREAS, with each passing year the American people become more receptive to diversity and more open to those who are different from themselves. Our Nation is at last realizing that gays and lesbians must no longer be "strangers among friends," and that we must finally recognize these Americans for what they are: our colleagues, neighbors, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers, friends and partners, and
WHEREAS, many challenges still lie before us. As we have witnessed from recent acts of “ugly free speech” within this Plainfield Community, prejudice against gays and lesbians can still erupt into acts of hatred and violence; and
WHEREAS, this June, recognizing the joys and sorrows that the gay and lesbian movement has witnessed and the work that remains to be done, we observe Gay and Lesbian Pride Month and celebrate the progress we have made in creating a community more inclusive and accepting of gays and lesbians; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, that the Governing Body of the City of Plainfield stands committed and united to help break down the walls of fear and prejudice and will work to build a bridge to understanding and tolerance, until gays and lesbians are afforded the same rights and responsibilities as all Americans; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Governing Body of the City of Plainfield does hereby call upon its residents, employees and elected officials to work together to promote equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and does further encourage all to observe this month with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities that celebrate our diversity and recognize the gay and lesbian Americans whose many and varied contributions have enriched our national life. Scheduled by the City Council June 13, 2017

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