Thursday, December 10, 2015

City Has New Website

Here is a city press release on the updated Plainfield website:

City of Plainfield launches new website

Plainfield, NJ - December 7, 2015 - As users become increasingly frustrated with clunky websites, with dated information, which are difficult to navigate, the City of Plainfield has launched an updated, easy to use, intuitive and informative website.
Although most people acknowledge that the easiest way to get information about an organization is through it's website, there has been growing frustration as websites become bogged down with old or useless information. Adding to this frustration are sometimes clunky navigation tools that have links leading to nowhere and inadequate site maps.

The new City of Plainfield website offers a different kind of experience, with clean lines, intuitive navigational tools and concise information, it keeps pace with the way people process information today. The website seamlessly captures the rich history of Plainfield while showcasing it's diversity and pointing to the future.

Improved utility allows users to interact with the website in a number of ways including; ability to post press releases, announcements etc to their social media, and giving residents and organizations the ability to post events to the new and improved calendar

A "How Do I" feature answers the most frequently asked questions or users can choose to utilize the search bar.

Regarding the redesign, The Mayor of Plainfield, Adrian Mapp had this to say; "A website is only effective if it is properly utilized as a vehicle for passing information. This new and improved website does this in the most efficient and intuitive way possible. With improved navigation, concise layout of information and meaningful content we are ensuring that each visit to our website will be fruitful and informative for all users."

The website was re-designed to address the needs of diverse users from residents to, potential residents, entrepreneurs, developers, and investors.

Integral to the development of the site was Chief of Staff John Stewart who said "As the information architect of the new website, I am excited that the City of Plainfield has a new website that is a convergence of, design, built-in social media tools, and utility for our current residents, potential residents, entrepreneurs, developers and investors. This new website provides a real experience, that gives the end user a look into our proud history and glimpse of the future."


  1. The new website is far easier to navigate and far more user-friendly. I sure hope the city council approves of a media person in the next budget year. No offense intended, but this press release has a number of errors. A PIO would make sure that the press releases are professionally written and error-free.

  2. There should be a link to contact the webmaster to report and errors or issues. I could not find a link to John Stewart to email errors that I have come across.