Sunday, December 20, 2015

What Were Plainfield's Top Stories in 2015?

I am looking for suggestions on Top Stories of 2015.

The list will no doubt include the North Avenue demolition fiasco, changes at PMUA, development including the 212-unit Sleepy Hollow Developers deal and the YMCA project for young people aging out of foster care, the canceled outsourcing of the Planning Division ... and what else?

This blog began in June 2005 as Plainfield Plaintalker and in 2010 became Plaintalker II, together reaching a 10-year milestone this year, a personal top story for me..

If you have a minute to spare between shopping and other holiday preparations, please share your opinion on the year's top stories.



  1. I'd say all of the street and railroad bridges construction, as well as downtown building construction projects. Perhaps the closing of Elmwood Gardens?

  2. Controversial: "P" in Plainfield standing for PILOTS.

    Positive: City residents coming together to voice their opposition for the outsourcing of the Planning Division. (It was nice to see that there are still some issues that can cross political lines and bring ppl together for a single cause).

    Negative: The petty feud between the administration and the BOE.

    Richard Stewart

  3. Passing of Dottie Gutenkauf is a story in itself when you consider her long history as a Plainfield activist.

  4. Happy Holidays Bernice. I think the ones you mentioned are the top stories. One other is the unfortunate car accident fatality this Fall and the need to truly eradicate speeding in our residential neighborhoods. I am grateful for the new 4 way stop signs on Hillside and encourage the Council and Police Division to take even further steps. Congratulations on your 10 year milestone and for your incredible service of delivering the news to the residents of our great City.

  5. There are new faces at the PMUA.....what else has changed is obscure.

  6. Changes in leadership and membership of the city's Democratic Committee? May the force be with them.