Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Revert to April BOE Elections?

This post was inadvertently left in draft form Tuesday.

Whoops! When did the notion of changing the school board election back to April come about?

It was in the back of my mind that this is the fourth year, but I missed hearing any announcement.

So meanwhile here is a link on reverting to April elections. Note that it can be done through a question to voters at the general election, or by action of the school board or the governing body.

Some may recall that the governing body moved to change the election calendar in 2012, setting off political fireworks. The district was in the process of searching for a successor to disgraced Superintendent Steve Gallon III and then-acting Superintendent Anna Belin-Pyles tried to smooth the roiled waters.

The two entities were mostly at peace until recently and now, to a casual observer, it's full battle mode. More on that later



  1. Bernice -as a parent of three children who are in the Plainfield schools, I will say this was a SNEAKY move. The same board members I believed in and trusted with my vote moved this election to April.

    Did they realize their vote meant to remove a minimum of $115,000.00 from our children's learning?

    I called one of the Representatives who sponsored this legislature to get further information and they said, with a chuckle, Plainfield was the only city to switch back to April.


    1. Maybe it's simply s ploy to insure a lower turnout (which after all favors incumbents)--after all, there is a presidential primary coming up in June for a VERY important election in November (at which the turnout will be a lot bigger). We need always to look at the real motivation!