Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Downtown Cameras - How Long?

Looking up some UEZ data just now in the Plaintalker archive, I was surprised to come across a post including  an $800,000 proposal for surveillance cameras - from 2006.

That item was among a number of UEZ applications that were recently rescinded in favor of setting up an economic development and enterprise trust fund.

The discussion on cameras has included location (the Tepper's basement was deemed unsuitable), monitoring (police preferred to civilians) and coverage (downtown vs. expansion to hot spots).

So will the money now come directly out of the new, city-managed trust fund? Without the formal application and approval process through the Urban Enterprise Zone Authority, how will this pot of money be drawn from? This camera debate began many years ago and still there is nothing in place. How long will it take to get this project up and running?


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