Friday, December 9, 2011

PMUA Meeting, Rate Hearing Tuesday

In a very commendable move, the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority is holding its 2012 rate hearing in advance of the rates becoming effective. Readers will remember that in 2009 retroactive rate increases helped to spark a ratepayer revolt.

The rate hearing has been advertised for 6 p.m. Tuesday (Dec. 13) at PMUA headquarters, 127 Roosevelt Ave., to be followed by the regular meeting. Many have objected to the early hour of these meetings, which mean some people are still at work and others have to choose between dinner at the usual time or going out to a meeting.

So the legal notice above on first glance seemed like an accommodation to those who have objected to the earlier hour. Plaintalker was on the verge of a congratulatory post when doubt kicked in. The notice only mentions the meeting, but not the hearing. So is the hearing still at 6 p.m.? Then never mind the kudos for thinking of the public.

A check last week of the PMUA web site showed the meeting time still as 6 p.m. and that's still what it says, as of this morning. The rate hearing is referenced in a nice letter by new Executive Director Duane Young, but nowhere is it spelled out whether it will be at 6 or 7 p.m.

Off to the DumpPMUA web site. There is a listing for the November meeting, but Plaintalker did not detect one this morning for December, nor any mention of the rate hearing. Maybe now that the new leadership has adopted a less defensive approach than the old one, the watchdog group has relaxed a bit.

In the past, PMUA had the habit of setting an annual calendar and then changing the dates just about every month for the actual meetings. DumpPMUA's advice - call (908) 226-2518 to verify the date - apparently still holds true for anyone who wants to attend the rate hearing and/or the meeting next week.

The December meeting is likely to be the first with new commissioners Malcolm Dunn and Cecil Sanders aboard after their confirmation last month by the City Council. Just another reason for curious ratepayers to be there on time for the action ...


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  1. Talk about payouts... See how much Watson and Ervin were paid in sick day payouts after they "retired"