Friday, September 12, 2014

Commentary on Sept. 8 Meeting

I hope residents who did not attend the Sept. 8 City Council meeting will take a look when it is shown on local television and assess the interactions.

Judge for yourself whether you see an "oppositional dynamic" pitting the council against the administration, or a "healthy discussion."

The former was Councilman Cory Storch's reaction after Councilman William Reid's prolonged baiting of Mayor Adrian O. Mapp. The latter was Council President Bridget Rivers' view of the interaction.

The dichotomy points up the need for some kind of common ground, whether it comes through the retreat that is supposedly in the works or just by working on showing a little more civility at the meetings.

Oldtimers might say civility is too much to expect in the weeks before the Nov. 4 general election, and one can be assured there will be the usual inflammatory fliers in the mailbox soon. But that is between the candidate and the voter. The spectacle in the courtroom and on television can be seen by all, including those who might want to invest in the city but don't want to face political landmines along the way.

Plainfield has a reputation as a tough place in which to do business. Videos like the one coming out of this meeting may only confirm it.



  1. You seem to forget, that this is EXACTLY the type of behavior the majority of Plainfield residents display each day. The NPR listeners are few and far between the Twerkers on the streets of our little town.

  2. Some people are there to do the people's business...other people are there to do a person's business. Interesting to see the bleeding hearts on City Council regarding "the children" when most of those crying for "the children" were the ones wanting to gut the library budget to pay for the former administrations personal largesse.

  3. Council President Rivers is full of it. "Healthy Discussions" come at her discretion. There are not healthy discussions when Councilwoman Williams brings up a point.

    There is no healthy discussion when Gloria Taylor rants about carpetbaggers (with Rivers approval)

    There are no healthy discussions when Reid just rants (with Rivers approval).

    The fab four are stooges doing Jerry' bidding. How dumb is that - they do his bidding and they look like the fools.

    Don't insult us. We all know that the fab four have another agenda. At least be honest enough to admit it.

    The only "Healthy Discussion" will occur when the people of Plainfield demand it. Until then, the circus remains in town.

  4. I share some of the opinions that have been posted, but discussions about "doing someone's bidding" or "who's a stooge" are really not productive. The bottom line is that our city council meetings are an embarrassment to all Plainfield residents. Parliamentary procedure and common courtesy are apparently concepts unknown to the majority of this council. As Plainfield residents, we owe it to ourselves to elect a council that can conduct themselves with the dignity that elected office demands. Until then -- we have only ourselves to blame.

  5. Anonymous at 8:48 has it right. The "fab four",pun intended, show their disdain for the people of Plainfield and other members of the City Council for all the world to see. They deserve what they give and I'm sure Reid or Taylor would have a rant about that. They are "stooges" who don't know others see that in them. Shame on them and their mentor for harming Plainfield and its citizens so blatantly.

  6. At a recent Council meeting I commented about how Plainfield is viewed and pointed out that the Comcast broadcasts go all over the country. That is what people see and it shapes how they view Plainfield. Some Council members are responsible for promoting the poor image Plainfield has, but they seem not to care. Alas for our town!

  7. One has only to watch on the local channel stations the proceedings of the City Councils in neighboring communities to observe the contrast between them and our" representatives". Our neighbors conduct their
    sessions without drama, rage, prolonged philosophical and usually incoherent oratory, and conform to established rules of order. I have not once observed any personal demeaning diatribes amongst them. Perhaps if our Council people watched these proceedings they could glean an understanding of the appropriate manner in which to conduct the City's affairs? Maybe? Bill Kruse

  8. Anon 11:19AM, you are absolutely right. Beautifully stated.