Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Veto, Retreat and More on Council Agenda

Tonight's agenda-fixing session may be dominated by more talk about the controversial Housing Authority ordinance, but there are other topics of interest.

The meeting is 7:30 p.m. tonight (Sept. 2) in Municipal Court, 325 Watchung Ave.

City Council/Administration Retreat: This was raised by Council President Bridget Rivers last month. The council had two people committed to planning a retreat, but the administration did not name anyone. These retreats are generally intended to increase understanding and cooperation between the branches of government. Given the council's current dismissive attitude toward the executive branch, can this plan get off the ground?

East Second Street Revitalization: This is listed under "unfinished business," but what is it about? In 2010, there was a proposal to spend $1.1 million in Urban Enterprise Zone funds to revitalize the three-block East Second Street Neighborhood Commercial District. There was supposed to be a redevelopment study in 2005. Part of a 2011 "People Against Killing" conference was the goal of  establishing a community resource center. Such a center has been proposed for 200 Garfield Avenue, in the East Second Street district. Maybe more details will emerge at the council meeting.

Deer Carcass Removal Services: For an urban center, Plainfield has a lot of deer roaming around some neighborhoods, especially in the vicinity of the retention basin in the southeast corner. The proposed resolution is for a contract with Deer Carcass Removal Services LLC of Cream Ridge to remove carcasses on private property.

In all, there are 24 resolutions and seven ordinances to be considered, along with the "unfinished business." If nothing else, those who attend the meeting in the air-conditioned court will get a respite from the very hot, humid weather.



  1. There are many deer living in the western part of the city too.

  2. I'd like to see that stretch of East 2nd St. cleaned up and revitalized. I've said that for years, ever since I first went to Derry's Jamaican Cuisine for Jerk Chicken and Ox-Tail Stew. After Rashid Burney posted a rave review on his blog!. I see a small shady park on Netherwood and 2nd, with public art. A 21st century community room in place of the shabby billboards and derelict building the city owns across from Derry's. And modest townhouses on 2nd around to Garfield. For starters. A perfect training ground for the Housing Authority, as Redevelopment Entity, who should work with Mayor Mapp and Carlos Sanchez in developing a . plan for making it happen. That, and doing something with Elmwood Gardens, that sits shuttered and fenced, gloomy and a little bit iconic as well.

  3. Get the chip off. She didn't say there were not deer in the western part of the city.

  4. There was approval given last year to repave 2nd Street from Plainfield Avenue to Terrill Rd. That is certainly unfinished. The Neighborhood Commercial District is a sorry sight, but if rents are low there, it could be promoted to attract incubator businesses.