Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What's Red and White and Attracts Fried Chicken Lovers?

Something looked familiar in Dan's report on West End changes.

The eye-catching facade of "Tasty Fried Chicken" features a red-and-white color scheme. Hmm ... where have I seen that before?

A web site called Logopedia gave a clue. Why, it's KFC that featured red and white stripes on its logo.

But then again, Kennedy Fried Chicken uses red and white on its rooster-with-a-mullet logo.

Maybe it's just a fried chicken thing.

Meanwhile, Plaintalker is seeking details on the closing of the liquor store at Clinton and West Front that the fried chicken store replaces. The license was denied for 2013-14, but the owner appealed and was allowed to do business while the appeal was pending. The 2014-15 license renewal was also denied. The City Council serves as the local Alcoholic Beverage Control board, but license holders can appeal to the state ABC Division. Details will be reported as information becomes available.



  1. Plainfield don't be naive some people as owners. So in theory same crowd and same problems.
    so with that bon appetite.

  2. Maybe mapp will be the first customer him and new dems. After hiring Watson I guess they will order a large crow because it seems like mapp don't mind eating it.

  3. Soon the gang-bangers will be able to get coffee and donut before they hit the Plainfield streets selling drugs, doing their drive-by shootings.

    Afterwards, they can hang and get their chicken.

    What could be better?

  4. The drug dealers won't have to go downtown for their midnight coffee run now. I hope they have bullet proff windows

  5. Maybe the neighborhood will get a spine and call the police and get rid of the low lifes.

    Let's get them out, not stand by and let them run the city.