Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Remember in November

So Jerry Green is upset once again over "the blogs."

I will resist the urge to copy Courier News columnist Jay Jefferson Cooke's classic retort to perceived whining and will not say "boo-fricking-hoo."

But I will note Green's comment on what is out of bounds in public discourse: "... when you talk about my family, I feel like you have crossed the line & that is something I will not tolerate from nobody, nor should anyone else have to tolerate this."

Oh really. Here is one from the chairman's blog in June 2011:
Ps I can understand someone coming home to help mommy however there is a big difference when someone comes home to LIVE off of mommy. When a parent raises a child and gives that child the best years of their life it is a shame that in their senior years they still have to take care of the child. When is it time to give mommy a break? If someone abuses a parent's goodness like this, I don’t dare imagine what that person would do as an elected official.

This comment was directed at a candidate in the primary election that year. When the candidate brought her ill mother face-to-face with Green, he had to apologize.

Green has also attempted to slur family members of other elected officials and these attacks are part of the reason why people hesitate to run for office. Councilman Cory Storch has announced his intention to seek re:election in 2015 - will the past innuendos about his family resurface?

Soon campaign mailings will arrive for the Nov. 4 general election. Take note who sticks to the issues and who stoops to personal attacks. And remember in June and November 2015 as well.



  1. ...the poster boy for proper behavior is upset... stunning

  2. Before Jerry Green lost his cool with a slew of offensive and misleading mailings prior to the primary, and I called him out for his lying ways, he was hard at work belittling not just Ron West, but also Rick Smiley and Carlos Sanchez. He says otherwise on his blog, but a fact is a fact. Residents who attended the Liberty Village townhall can easily remember his dismissive "I ain't got all night" attitude towards Sanchez. But with me, Jerry's language would turn all colorful when he derided the cabinet choices, and it was apparent he was much more comfortable with political destruction than dealing with any actual issues that faced the city. I can only imagine what he would say to any of his lapdogs who come to feed at his trough.

    Green is always saying he has nothing to do with the City's day-to-day affairs, but that is hard to believe. His influence is well-known, even if it may be shuttered behind closed doors. Way back when, when then-Mayor Mark Fury wanted to know how the Council would vote on a batch of PMUA nominees, he went to Green to find out. I doubt much has changed since then. Fury's remarks at a Council meeting are on the record. Jerry certainly appeared to be the ringleader earlier this year when it came to the Liberty Village PILOT renewal obstruction, but it's unlikely he paid much mind to the deteriorating conditions there since attending its Grand Opening celebration 30-years earlier.

    Whether or not Green played any role in the rehiring of Eric Watson, I don't know and it doesn't matter. It is still a bad choice and a slap in the face. PMUA was mismanaged by him at the expense of everyone here in the city. Contract fraud and illegal commissioner compensation are just two areas of concern that contributed greatly to the mess. With the high rates and massive overstaffing, PMUA betrayed a major part of its mission, to provide the most efficient and lowest
    cost services to the residents of the city. He built an empire with no accountability, and exhibited an increasing disdain for the public. But when the heat got too hot he quit, and then tried to strong-arm the Authority for a massive undeserved payout, which commissioners Sanders, Dunn, and Toliver were all to happy to give. (Now we've got Toliver's wife, who personally benefited from thousands in illegal compensation as PMUA paid for her healthcare insurance for years, as Jerry's choice for City Council.) So basically, in addition to Watson's salary and perks that made him Plainfield's highest paid public official, and his 40 days of paid time-off every year, he got about 3 1/2 years of paid vacation.

    With or without Jerry Green's connivance, Mayor Mapp's decision to rehire Watson as director of DPW&UD, at a measly $110,000/yr plus benefits, reeks. No accountability, just hypocrisy, something the Chairman knows all to well and can be truly proud of. A total win-win.

  3. Jerry once again shows his hypocrisy, and yet people continuously vote for him. Go figure!

    And, Bernice, I smell more harassment from Jerry. Please let us know what he suggests to you this time.

  4. Blame your boy, Mapp, not Green Alan. What did you say Alan "Mayor Mapp you have my undying Support", or something like that.How you like him now?

    1. Green is responsible for Green, Taylor, Rivers, Greaves, Reid, and the poor quality of life in Plainfield. Thank Jerry, not Mapp.

  5. Is Jerry Green's grammar out of bounds? He should be embarrassed by his use of double negatives.

    1. Well we all know Jerry didn't write that piece, isn’t he illiterate? You would think he would ask someone more intelligent to do it. What a bunch of lairs. Plainfield and it’s politics is one hot mess.


  6. Yeah, keep your eyes open for ugly mailings from the RDs but also watch for the ND mean streak to show - although it will target what the commentariat view as less sympathetic figures.

  7. Politics is nothing but on big mean streak-regardless of affiliation.

  8. Jerry is the penultimate dirty politician and like men of his ilk, "don't do as I do, do as I say". Too bad for Plainfield and politics in general.

  9. I read Jerry's blog - alot of inaccurate and inexcusable statements -- his son worked for Plainfield Fire Department for years and I believe retired with a pension. Jerry made money on the development deals he supposedly brought to the city through the UCIA (Park Madison). I observed him saying that he makes his living finding deals for developers. That development was supposed to take place on the Macy's block but Green forced it to Park Madison even though the city was in discussions with the Watchung Square Mall developer about a commercial project. That killed that idea. Lastly his comments about Dan were inexcusable and libelous. This man has no class what so ever. Don't talk about my family but I will make mincemeat out of yours.

  10. If you think the hiring of Eric Watson is bad, wait
    until those apartments start going up on the Muhlenberg
    site. The City of Plainfield has been had, hood winked
    by their elected officials. People of Ferguson, take heed.
    If you think you have it bad now...wait until the Black
    people take over!!! BTW..I am Black.

    1. And so we're the people betrayed harriet tubman. After reading your post i know you made your massa happy did he pat you on the head.

  11. Anon, 12:42 PM,You are the real deal a red neck racist, really printing something like that Bernice, what does that say about you ?

  12. MR Green was not telling the whole truth today, His son did work in City Hall and the Fire Dept. and retired and then started another job his father helped him get. Mr. Greens son and grandson are also Union County Police/Sheriff's Dept. I can not believe that he would say that he has not taken donations from Plainfield residents. He has also stated that he was going to make this a minority city run but minorities. He has also stated he has run this city for a long time and that Plainfield is his city. When I look around at what has happened the last 25 years all I see is a closed hospital, more 99 cent stores, dirty downtown, and developers who left us with unfinished projects. I hope the voters will think before they vote in November because I know I am going to vote differently this year.

  13. Does anyone remember the TV show to tell the truth ? Can you tell which politician is telling the truth?

  14. Can anyone tell me what Jerry Green does for the City of Plainfield. I am new to Plainfield and I bought my home because of the tree lined streets and the train station. I do not go downtown because it does look dirty and it does not look safe and there was no place for me to park the few times I went there. I am glad this town has a group of bloggers to keep us informed about my new hometown. Thank you, Mr. R

    1. Why do you blame jerry green and not stender or Scutari or Christie or carter?

  15. Anon 12:42....Massa. my. Assa!!! Instead of attacking
    me you should be as disappointed as I am with what
    goes on when. Black people misuse power. BTW...
    that's Mr. Tubman to you.

  16. The real issue is not about race. People all over the world misuse power. Corruption in politics is everywhere, in every race & nation.

    People maybe get into politics to make good changes -- but they quickly get sucked into the game and frankly, for anyone to be re-elected, they have to pander to the Dem/Rep power brokers and people/businesses that put money in the campaign chest. All of our politicians in Congress are bought -- special interests, lobbyists for big business, etc. The same happens here at the local level.

    So it's not race --- it's about people who get power and then use that position for self-gain (examples: Watson, Green). They take advantage of their constituents lack of information. Green's flip-flopping and short term memory is typical. Look at the national stage -- all politicians cry about dirty politics, but sling the mud when their cushy positions are threatened.

    Here in Plainfield politicians sing the song of "I hear you brother/sister" -- meanwhile dollars are being lifted from everyone's pockets, the government is not run well, there are people in jobs they aren't qualified (but they knew the "right' people) and a few, connected people are walking away with the cash.

    I find most of the people on the council to be uneducated and not equipped to deal with the issues. Their arrogance and nastiness is astounding. Watching the video of meetings -- I'm embarrassed for them.

    I now put Mapp in the same category as Green. Career politics -- say anything to get voters to go with you -- then do whatever deals you have to cut to play nice with the power brokers pulling the strings. ANYONE would have been a better choice that Watson.

    1. So when are you gonna run professor

  17. So mr Tubman you have no problem when white folks misuse power. And how do you define misuse of power?

  18. If Green is so bad why do the democrats keep putting him in office.

    1. They are either numb to politics or dumb to politics.

  19. This is not about RACE!!! This is about Black Politicians
    not providing for their community. The Black community
    has the worse schools, high crime and poverty. So the
    abuse of power has a greater negative impact on its
    citizens. Gerry Green is a " Puppet Master" in Plainfield,
    pretending to be a "Puppet" for the Dem. Bosses. As
    inarticulate and uneducated as he may be, he is very
    street smart. That trumps book smarts any day.
    Unfortunately for the people who continue to vote for
    him, they get little to nothing in return. A patronage job
    here and there, mere crumbs compared to what the
    community as a whole needs.

    I find it interesting that no one ever mentions the local
    churches and their lack of involvement in demanding
    more from our elected officials. Where are all the "Good"
    Reverends when you need them. After all, as I once
    heard one so proudly announce. "We deliver the Vote".
    The one thing Plainfield has plenty of are Houses of
    Worship. They own plenty of land (tax free of course).
    There is a Minister who wants to work with JFK ($$$).
    on the Muhlenberg project. Just what this city needs,
    more apartments.

    1. I could not have said better myself. If the "good citizens" of Plainfield took "RACE" out the equations and, held the politicians responsible for their actions, the Plainfield community as a whole would fair much better.

      Most, if not all of the Plainfield Politicians have been exposed for misdeeds with little to no consequences. Why?

      As an Independent, I will be voting Republican in the upcoming November election.


  20. You never mention Scutari or stender why? What would you had done if you we're in charge of plfd.